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S/QLD 10R Championships - 13th August

10 Rater South East Queensland Championships 13th August 2017 2

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Yesterday saw the BRYC , Eagleby venue hold the 10 Rater South East Queensland Championships 2017. We had a very good turn out of 9 skippers taking these majestic vessels to the water. They never cease to amaze people with their graceful appearance in the water,and,and I’m not talking about the skippers it’s the 10 Raters I’m talking about.The weather was wonderful with mild temperatures ,plenty of sunshine and best of all some great winds, which while being intermittent still provided enough for plenty of action.

We provided some beautiful hand made trophies crafted from timber from Blackbutt by one of our newest members, Mr. Ray Aisbett, pictures shown. Thanks very much Ray. As usual an event such as this takes a lot of preparation and organizing by volunteers not only from our club but anyone that had the inclination to help. You know who you are and we thank you.

Congratulations to Greg, Frank, and John on obtaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd.We had quite a few comments on how pleasant this venue is being in a country like setting and free of traffic noise we are looking at the costs etc of improving this venue further with our main focus being on obtaining a shipping container to lock away the gear and some sought of permanent shade. If you can help in any way please feel free to contact Clive Ball or Richard Jaffray. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.Thank you and as always“Stay above the water”.

Peter Newman

Report #2

9 boats sailed in the 10R championship today. The event was hosted by the Brisbane Radio Yacht Club and held at their Eagleby venue.

Winds were very light and variable and only 2 races were sailed before lunch time was called. The first 2 races were won by Greg Torpy with Frank Russell not far behind. A total of 12 races were sailed for the day. After lunch, the conditions were not much better and Ian Ashe was finding it difficult to set a course. The wind direction was changing and at least 2 races had down wind finishes, which confused a few of the spectators, (and competitors)

The 2 top placegetters managed to share 1st place 9 times so you were doing very well if you could keep up with Greg and Frank. No major mishaps except one sailor managed to hit the last buoy head on and managed to dismast himself in the process.

Trevor Fisher had intermittent radio problems and finally had to retire and miss the last 4 races.

Congratulations to the Winner Greg Torpy on 13 pts, 2nd Frank Russell on 21 pts and 3rd John Musgrave on 37 pts.

A big thank you to David Black for scoring, Ian Ashe for doing the PRO duties, and to the Brisbane Radio Yacht Club and the volunteers and observers that helped run the event.

Ian Lobley

Video clips are on the homepage QRYA Youtube Channel.

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