Thursday, February 21, 2019
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New Information Page

Recently the structure of this website was changed slightly.  An Information page has been added under the Home menu and the Important Documents section moved to that page.

This change means that valuable information is more visible to you by not having to scroll down the bottom of the Home page.  This change opens up the opportunity to add other information central to our sport.  The first of these new resources are links to the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and an educational and entertaining 'Test' on your knowledge of them.  Many of you have seen this before but we have new members who have not had the opportunity to learn them.  Easier to do it on line than on the water!

Radio Sailing uses the same rule set as the 'big boats' but there are some differences.  For Radio Sailing there is APPENDIX E and this has been linked as well.

The RRS are fundamental to our sport.  They are designed to enable close racing and the elimination (reduction anyway) of conflict.  The fact that we frequently have different interpretations of rights on the water means in part that there are different levels of understanding of them.  Not everyone wants to be an expert but an increased understanding of them will improve both your sailing and your enjoyment of it.

Please visit the Information page and have a look at the RRS and the test!  Hope you do better than I did!



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