Friday, March 22, 2019
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Preparations at Regatta Waters are on track

The Queensland IOM State Championships in October will be the only lead-up event at Regatta Waters for the National Championships in February.  Work is continuing to make sure that the new venue will be at it's best.  Sailors will be able to park next to the control area.  No shortage of space there!

The depth of Regatta Lake had to be checked to make sure that the buoy system has the right rope length.   The lake has not been used for Radio Sailing for many years and changes have been made to it since the floods in 2011.  Russell Gray's boat was deployed and a system well proven by Captain Cook used to gauge depth.  A lead weight and a rope with two knots every fathom.

Southport Yacht Club representative Matthew Dickenson is seen above inducting members of the QRYA and local clubs into the building and to run through details on access and use.  Topics on the agenda included catering and licensing conditions.  All sorted now!

Entries to both the IOM States and ARYA National will be open soon.

Below ...The Gold Coast City Council have provided extra space in case we get unexpected visitors!

Photos by Ian Lobley



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