Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Sportsmanship in Radio Sailing

Radio Sailing involves sailing in very close company compared to larger manned yachts.  This proximity leads to many more incidents and the potential for protest calls.

Protests are a necessary part of sailing but too often they are taken personally rather than just enforcing the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).   If taken the wrong way a protest can spoil someones otherwise pleasant day.  Competitors in any given fleet have various levels of understanding of the rules from very experienced, to not much at all if they have no previous sailing experience.  As some new classes join our Association this situation needs to be taken into account and every assistance given to new members on the basics.  Further, it is not uncommon for more experienced sailors to disagree on the interpretation of a rule.

But away from the details, there is a requirement for Sportsmanship as defined in the RRS, that is more difficult to manage at times because the requirements are often poorly understood.

To increase awareness, the QRYA has published a document discussing sportsmanship, linking it to the RRS.

A previous version was sent to all clubs and this one has been updated with feedback from senior sailors.  Linked below and available on the QRYA Information page

Sportsmanship in Radio Sailing



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