Monday, December 16, 2019
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QRYA Youtube hits 284,938 Minutes Viewing

Website View Time

Since launching the QRYA Youtube channel two years ago, the exposure it has had for Radio Sailing has exceeded all expectations.  As you can see from the table above, over 284,000 minutes of viewing and +76,000 individual views is in anyones language a lot of publicity for the sport.

Website Top Videos

The statistics are facinating and provide further ways to understand exactly who is interested in Radio Sailing and what videos have attracted their interest.

Looking at the table to the right it is clear that internet searches for DF65s have brought many people to the site from all over the world as have DF95s more recently.  This is a clear message to the sailing community on where the growth of the sport is most likely to come from.Website Age





Further, the ages of the viewers is probably no surprise with the first group of any size being the 55 - 64 age bracket where people are first finding both time and some disposable captial to invest in themselves and have some fun.


The value of holding National events from a publicity perspective is also evident in the graph below.

Website Increase Nationals

Left is an extract of the Views per Day with the peak at ~1,000 a day during the 2019 National Championships.  Interestingly the views retained a higher average rate even after the Nationals completed as people subscribed to the channel and returned regularly to see new content.  Of course it is impossible to understand what effect all this traffic has had on the sport here in Australia, however it must have increased participation when people see the activity and want to join in the action. 

For those sailors or prospective sailors reading this, please visit the QRYA Youtube channel and subscribe to it as it all helps to increase the prominance of the channel on google searches to promote the sport.

So next time you see Ian Lobley quitely recording the event, say hello and thank him for his dedication to promoting the sport we all enjoy.


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