Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Hot Competition in QLD IOM GP Series

GPSeriesstart2019 saw the introduction of an IOM Grand Prix Series in Queensland.  The IOM class events in Queensland attract competitors from all over Australia and New Zealand and the valued trophies are often whisked away to far off places!

So this year the QRYA responded to requests by stringing four ranking events together to form a series where the best three count for QRYA affiliated skippers only.  The winners will take the Queensland IOM GP Series Championship in Open and Masters Divisions.

The events were/are;

  1. South QLD Championship 24th & 25th March 2019
  2. Central QLD Championship 24th & 25th May 2019
  3. Sunshine Coast IOM 2nd to 4th August
  4. QLD State Championship 19th & 20th October 2019

After the first three rounds we can now release results so far for both Open and Masters.  Scorer David Black has crafted a High Point scoring system similar to that used by the ARYA for the Australian Class Rankings, with the added complexity of different divisions.

In the Open Division Arron has a big lead over 2nd placed Andrew Wilson, but after that things look pretty interesting with only 12 point seperating the next three skippers.






















With only one entrant in one event for the Grand Masters we will not be awarding a trophy for that division (sorry Bill).  However the competition looks intense for the Masters!  Looks like Geoff Morris is in striking distance of Tim Brown currently in first place and Garry Russell could easily take a podium position from Ray Willson who has a slim lead in 3rd place.  This will certainly create some added interest on the water at Hervey Bay in October.


Presentations for this Grand Prix Series will be made at the Hervey Bay IOM State Championship.  See you there!

See this link for the Notice of Race and Entry Form.


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