Friday, August 14, 2020
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DF95 Invitational Round 2 goes to Hinchcliff

DF95CroppedWell, Sunday the 15th arrived with fresh gusty winds from the North or North West. A good course was laid under the direction of Allan Young PRO  and laid by Julian. After the briefing and a slight start line alteration 10 boats faced the starter. Disappointing to not see a couple of entries who didn’t turn up however the day was enjoyed in good spirit with volunteers from the DF65 PRYC Fleet assisting most admirably.Captioned winners fffCapture

The wind had most undecided as to whether to use A rig or B however as the day progressed the decision became even harder A battle soon developed between Laurie Hinchcliffe and Graham Cowling for the podium finishes with Laurie consistently out sailing the others. Ian Ashe came in a well deserved 3rd and I am happy to say Will Charlton was fourth. Various little problems affected the rest of the Fleet which is shown in the results.

It was disappointing to see a poor representation from the other Clubs who race this Class. Maybe next time. My thanks go to all that assisted to make it a good day with 24 races in 3.5 hours excluding lunch.

All the best

Frank Arrowsmith

DF95 Fleet Captain

Paradise Radio Yacht Club


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