Friday, September 18, 2020
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Classic IOM Battle at Newport

NewcStartThe venue at Newport uses either a southern or western bank for the control area, so it is at its best in a northerly, particularly a north-easter and that is exactly what the weather gods sent on Saturday 14th September.

The Moreton Radio Yacht Squadron opted for the low cost zero catering model, $10 entry fee and left the entries open till the morning of the race.  Some competitors did arrive unanounced and were quickly registered.  For a while it looked like going to two fleets but entries topped out at 23 making for a busy start line and more fun at the first top mark rounding!

Till the lunch break a light NNE breeze at 2 to 6 knots occilated slighty about the course but generallty it was fair NewcBankconditons.  The control area was setup on the western bank giving good elevation and the choice of a dry launch from the nearby pontoon.

Josh Torpy streaked away in the first race leaving his old-man and the rest of the fleet in the weeds. It looked interesting and a bit omminous for top end contenders.  But by Race 3, Arron Farrar got the tuning and tactics right and strung three bullets together to create a nice little buffer by the time the first drop arrived.  He repeated the same trifecta from Race 11 after lunch.  But while this was happening, Greg Torpy was quietly banking a couple of wins and other podium places using consistancy to whittle away at Arron's lead.

Conditions improved with the breeze building a few knots as the day progressed and it stayed in the same part of the compass.  Visibility was excellent with the sun at the competitors backs so any shifts were most often very visible on the water and they did generally stay in for long enough to confidently tack on a knock.  For the last hour of racing the pressure clocked a few degrees west of north and the PRO Ian Ashe selected the left pair of bouys to round. 

Doug Allen was also chipping away at those in front and after three drops had a worst score of 7.  This put him in easy reach of either of the two leaders if they stumbled, even for one race or two.  But that didn't happen.

After 17 races, Arron Farrar and Greg Torpy were both on 39 points with Doug on 47.  A countback was required to sort this out and it went to Arron, 6 wins Vs 2 wins to Greg.  A pretty convincing result in the end.

Full results are here

Noteable in the results is 5 Kantun 2's in the top 10, this is unusual as there has only been one or two of them in any given fleet for the past year or so.

A big thanks to the Moreton Club for hosting the event and sharing their excellent facilities.  Thanks also to PRO Ian Ashe, scorer David Black, Gwen Warne, Mike SS, David Brunsden and Mark Deller.

Looking forward to seeing you there again next year!






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