Saturday, July 11, 2020
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New QRYA Calendar just launched !


18 Jan 2020

Just released is an updated Events Calendar for the the 2020 year.  The calendar has always been on the website but now after a redesign and update, it is the formal 'Source of Truth' for all Queensland events.

Last year, ten (yes 10) versions of the traditional spreadsheet were released to adjust for the inevitable changes that occur.  This change cycle consumned significant time and effort in both the State Committee and Club Secretaries who have been required to distribute each new calendar to their members.  Focusing all efforts on the Website calendar will eliminate the workload on Club Secretaries, while at the same time ensuring that all sailors have 24x7 access to the very latest information.


So let's have a look at how it works!





When selected from the website front page menu the calendar will display in Month form with each class a different colour. 

Use the arrows top left to change the month.















If you only sail one class, you can now customise the calendar yourself by switching classes on or off.  You can also see events in a List (Agenda) mode.  When printing, it will only print those classes you selected!












When you click on an event, details will be displayed including location and any links available.












Published Notice of Race documents will be displayed next to the calendar.




So remember that there will be changes during the year and that the only place you will get the latest details is on the QRYA Website Calendar.

For more information on Event scheduling please contact Event Coordinator Ian Ashe.


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