Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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$1,500 from Bushfire Regatta

firevictims$1500 to people who really need it.  Thank you Radio Sailors.

The Bushfire Regatta has been completed.  Forty-six entrants made a huge virtual event.  Thank you to all the entrants, your entry fees will add to the donations of the Nation and beyond.

Credit goes to Ian Lobley for this result.  After sailing one day he suggested the QRYA do something to help the victims of this tragedy.  From that discussion this virtual regatta emerged, using the existing systems on the association website.

Donations came from wide section of our community.  Larry Watson, a Plan B skipper from the USA entered and donated, thanks mate.

But this was a regatta!  So we have to have a winner and two place getters.  Drum roll ... the places are!

  1. The Queensland Radio Controlled Multihull Owners Association (for committing as a group, amazing generosity)
  2. Warwick Wood, TNT skipper Sail  #128 (he knows why)
  3. Larry Watson, Plan B skipper USA #31 (because we really appreciated it).

And to the other 43 entrants some of whom donated more than the entry fee on the NOR, thank you so much.

The QRYA committee will commit the funds at the next meeting 31st January and we will confirm the donation with you all after then.

Thank you.


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