Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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RC Laser Invitation 2020 Flying Start

LaserStart2020The R/C Laser Invitation Event got the 2020 QRYA competitions off to a flying start.

Whilst eleven skippers registered for the event, ten skippers turned up bright and early for what was to be an excellent day of sailing.

Competition started at 9:15 am and was to continue to 4:00 pm but racing was concluded around 3:30 after 16 races had been completed. Skippers were enjoying their sailing, but the full day of competition sailing was certainly draining.

The breeze had a little E S/E initially but soon turned around to a predominately E N/E with some skippers choosing to change to “B” rigs as the breeze freshened.Laserthree2020

Whilst the first few place getters showed a clean pair of heals, the scoring for the rest of the field was relatively close. Congratulations to Garry Russell, Geoffrey Morris, and David Page who were those first three place getters.

Ian Ashe was the PRO for the day and certainly kept the competition moving whilst David Black provided the scoring system. Alan, Andy, Bruce, Greg, Les, Noel from the LSWSA Club volunteered to provide assistance in hosting the event. A big thank you goes out to all those who assisted with the event.

Bob Worton

R/C Yacht Coordinator


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