Friday, May 25, 2018
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Title: DF65s now a State Recognised Class

At a meeting of the QRYA Management Committee on the 18th January, a motion to reclassify the Dragon Force 65 (DF65) from 'State Sanctioned' to 'State Recognised' Class (SRC) was passed unanimously.   This was triggered by a request to do so from the DF65 Owners Group 27th December 2017 accompanied by evidence of compliance to the criteria defined by the ARYA. 

The benefit of this change is that when three of more States grant SRC status to a class, they have the right to apply to the ARYA for National Recognition.

Congratulations to the DF65 community and those who devoted their time and effort to make this happen.  Collectively the entire Radio Sailing community benefits from the increased activity and enthusiasm that has been generated by this class."

Introducing the DF65 Radio Sailing Association Inc.

On the 1st of January 2018, the Australian DF65 Radio Sailing Association Inc. was launched. The Association is a representation of the members of DF65 racing yacht skippers, Australia-wide. Since its launch, we have had 120 members sign up. A committee has been formed with state co-ordinators in NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, & WA. 

The sail number database which was instigated by a yahoo group some years ago has now been split into the RG65 database and the DF65 database. To ensure the sail numbers are current and correct, we are asking for DF65 owners to join the Association and apply for their sail numbers to be recorded on the new database. This is being acted upon now, to ensure that we have accurate records going forward.

Joining the Association is free until further notice.  Included in the link below to the ADF65RSA website which has an online application form to be filled and submitted. No other paperwork is required.

Australian DF65 Radio Sailing Association

IOM Brisbane Challenge - LIVE Results

The results for the upcoming IOM Brisbane Challenge can be seen LIVE --> coming

2017 IOM ICA Agenda Final Results

2017 IOM ICA Agenda Final Results


1.    Call To Order
2.    Confirm Quorum
3.    Approve Agenda
4.    Declare Voting Strength  <attached, with ballot results>

5.    Election of Officers

  • VC Technical
    Jeff Byerley (AUS) was elected to the the position of VC Technical
  • VC Events
    Robert Walsh (GBR) was elected to the position of VC Events

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Newport selected for the 2019 Nationals

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The 2019 RC Nationals will be staged at Newport Queensland, hosted by the MRYS.  This was decided at a meeting of interested parties at a QRYA Special Meeting 9th December.   The ARYA has been notified that the QRYA has accepted their offer for Queensland to host the competition for the four Nationally Recognised classes.

The Newport venue was tested for the Newport Classic in early November this year and proved itself to be an excellent RC racing location, something already appreciated by MRYS club members.  Catering and toilet facilities are already in place and importantly, the location is highly accessible and visible to the public.

Details and timetable will be released shortly although the current plan is that it will be run in the last two weeks of January 2019.

In mid-January 2018, an All Clubs meeting will be held to review the Event Management Pan and allocate volunteers to various roles.  This work has started but the entire RC Yachting community of SE QLD will be needed to make this event a success.  A date, venue and agenda for that meeting will be distributed shortly by the QRYA.

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