Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Mariners First to the Rescue

RescueBoatThis story wasn't made a fuss of as the Navy was on the way, but this boat appearing first off the Mallacoota coast was one of the most heartwarming stories in the thousands that have been told.

"By Sarah Farnsworth


On New Year's Eve, without fanfare, the Norwegian-flagged supply vessel Far Saracen arrived at Mallacoota answering an SOS call from Victoria's emergency services.

Its crew of 14 Australian and Kiwi seafarers were the first to reach the town via the water.

They brought much-needed supplies to the thousands of locals and tourists huddled on the beach sheltering from the fire wreaking havoc on the town."

Full Story linked here.

I have to confess that I am normally unaffected by what passes as News, bad news is normal, but this disaster has affected me deeply, our country has been changed in ways we do not yet fully understand.  In talking to fellow sailors, friends and family I am not alone, more than a few eyes have misted over on this one as yet more scenes of devestation appear on our screens.

But we are doing what we can to help.  Our Virtual Regatta now has over $1,200 and we are still have a way to go till the 27th.  If you haven't entered the event yet then please do now.  All proceeds going to the Red Cross tagetted at the Fire Disaster fund.

To those of you who have contributed so far thanks you so much, expecially those who have donated more than the $25 entry fee, very generous of you.

Ron Fawcett

Click here to Enter/Donate



Bushfire Virtual Regatta Entry is up!!! ($1200 so far)

BushfireSailors have a code to always stop and assist those in need in the sometimes stormy waters of life.  It's time for us to do something to help those affected by the ongoing fire emergency to our south. 

We have scheduled a virtual Regatta on the 27th January and all entry fees will be donated to registered charities. 

Of course we can all donate anytime we want, but now, as sailors we have an opportunity to do something.  If you have already donated, do it again please.

All entries will remain on the QRYA website until after the race to acknowledge your donation.


The charity will be selected by the QRYA Treasurer and annouced before the 27th.

Link to NOR is here


Christmas Greetings

A Christmas Message from the President QRYA

December 2019

On behalf of the QRYA Committee and myself, I would like to wish all Club members and their families, a joyous Christmas, a happy and safe festive period, and a prosperous New Year.

2019 has been year packed with lots of fun and success in our sailing activities around the State. I believe our membership can have confidence that our Association is moving forward into 2020 in a strong position. We are in a strong financial position and our Committee is developing strategies to encourage increased participation in our traditional classes and support the new DF classes.

We saw a very successful National Championship staged at Regatta Waters, a new venue capable of providing fair and competitive race courses with first-rate facilities for parking, food and amenities. This venue was achieved through the hard work of the QRYA Committee with the assistance of the Manly and Paradise Clubs providing the infrastructure required to hold an event of such magnitude. We now have a good working relationship with the Southport Yacht club and Gold Coast Council who control this facility.

The DF 65 fleets continued accelerated growth through the year to the point where it is now a major Class within our ranks.

We saw the introduction of a new and soon to be National Class of DF 95s. We successfully held our initial DF 95 State Championship in Townsville. It was great to see the Townsville Club again holding major Regattas at their excellent facility in the far North and we look forward to more in 2020

We have introduced a new way of communicating with the Classes through the Class Coordinators. This point of contact has enabled the QRYA to work with the classes resulting in increased fleet numbers for the 10R, Marbleheads, 65s and 95s. Recently this process produced the largest fleet of Marbleheads at a Regional Championship for many years.

We welcomed a new Vice President, Trent Jarratt to our Committee recently. Trent is the Commodore of the Paradise Radio Yacht Club our largest club in Queensland and he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our Committee.

A new QRYA Facebook site has been established by our Publicity Officer and is currently being developed to provide and receive social and informative posts. We hope to expand the participation of members on this site in future activities.

For the coming year, the good news is that there is much more to look forward to in 2020.

In the coming year we can look forward to the introduction of a new system of allocating events to the Classes. We will have 7 Classes of RC Yachts supported by our Association where we intend to hold a minimum of 3 Regattas per class. They will take the form of a State Championship and 2 Regional Championships. These events will be the basis for awarding a Grand Prix Champion for each Class for the year. This we hope will become a prestigious recognition for the best Competitor for the year across all 3 events. We have developed an honour role in our Website to recognise our Grand Prix Champions.

We will again see Australia’s most prestigious and popular IOM Regatta sailed at Regatta Waters venue next June. The Eddie Cowell Perpetual Trophy has been given to the QRYA to be sailed as a stand alone regatta and double as a lead up to the National Championships to be held one month later.

The Paradise Club has recently offered to host the National RC Laser Championships. Paradise has a vast depth of knowledge and experience in running events of this stature at Emerald Waters and we look forward to another successful National Championship in Queensland. It is expected that there will be in excess of 40 competitors at this event.

We intend to work with the Class Coordinators and Clubs to encourage regular club racing for the traditional classes. We will be working with the Class Coordinators and the Classes themselves to continue to increase the participation of competitors at the scheduled 3 events.

It is our intention to assist our member clubs to train Race Officers and Scorers from within their own ranks. The training courses currently exist and links can be found on the QRYA Website. Our Committee is available to anybody who requires advice or assistance in this area. The future of our sport is dependant on the ability of Clubs to provide members to officiate our regattas.

To better understand our membership and the conditions under which they sail, it is my intention to get out and about in the New Year to visit different venues. It will be an opportunity to view facilities that I previously hadn't seen and the members I haven’t yet met. I hope to better appreciate the needs of members and discuss how we can be a better QRYA. I hope to have a sail while I’m there.

As we head into the coming year it is my firm belief that we can look forward to an environment where RC sailing both traditional and developing classes will continue to thrive and grow into the future.

All the Best

Geoffrey Morris

President QRYA

DF95s Final Round for the year at Newport

DF95StartDec19The Newport venue is ideal sailing in a northerly and that is exactly what the weather gods delivered for what was the final event for the year on the QRYA calendar.  The DF95 class was added to the State Recognised Class category just this year and to provide owners with competition the committee decided to schedule three events spread through the year.  DF95Dec19Start2Unfortuneatley mid December has a crowded personal calendar for us all and this contributed to what was a slightly smaller fleet than the other rounds.

The day started with a light nor nor wester and PRO Peter Morris set a course with the control area on the western bank.  By the time three races were completed the wind had clocked around to the north-east, something the locals are very familiar with and expected to happen.  A break was called while the course was reset and the competitors relocated to the new control area on the southern bank. 

Racing resumed and after being 'weeded' while leading in the first race, Garry Russell strung four wins together in races 2 to 5 to open a nice gap to his competitors.  A storm the evening before dumped some debris in the water unfortuneately but this cleared as the day went on with the breeze quickly blowing it back onto the southern bank.  Local sailors Malcolm Gresham and Roger Smith were never far away and finished within 5 points of each other at the end of the day.  Geoff Morris didn't start racing till race four but given there were three drops for the day soldiered on and just had to make every race count.

DF95Dec19WinnersFortuneately for all concerned the wind stayed remarkably constant and the course remained pretty much the same for the later half of the day.  The breeze increased enough to tempt at least one sailor to try a B-Rig but it didn't work well.  Shifts were there for the taking allowing those who had less than ordinary starts the opportunity to make up some ground if they worked hard.  It also allowed leaders to pick and choose the shifts at their liesure while those not keeping a tactical eye open could lose a few places quickly.  All in all great conditions for radio sailing.

The Moreton club decided to run a no-frills low cost regatta and the $10 entry fee and self catering worked well.  Some brought their own lunch and others took advantage of the local cafe'.

At the end of the day Garry Russell (centre) took the gong convincingly with (too cool for skool late starter) Geoff Morris (Left) in second place, closely followed by consistant local sailor Malcolm Gresham (right). 

MRYS Newport has become a popular DF95 venue and has a number of events scheduled for 2020.  Besides thanks to the competitors, thank you's go to PRO Peter Morris, observer Bob Meikle, Scorers David Black and Peter Griffin, boat crew Ron Fawcett and to MRYS for generously sharing their water.



Laser Switch to the Gold Coast

LaserFlyerClipThe 2020 RC Laser Australian Championship to be held in October 2020 has seen a change in venue and an extension to the event dates.
The event, to be held over three days, will be hosted by the Paradise Radio Yacht Club (PRYC) at Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast from 03-05 October 2020.
Paradise RYC is well experienced with the organisation of radio sailing events, and for the RC Laser they hosted an extremely successful Championship of Nations regatta in 2017 welcoming 50+ competitors from across Australia and around the world. It is this regatta management experience and the support of the Queensland Radio Yachting Association (QRYA) that will ensure the 2020 event will be a success.\images\RC-Laser-COFN
While sailing conditions on Emerald Lakes will be perfect for a national event and will occupy the sailors, the Gold Coast has plenty to offer and is the perfect playground for the family while the sailing action is on.
Further information will be released shortly on the ARYA Australian Championship website ( with the Notice of Race & Online Entry expected to be available from April 2020.



We look forward to seeing you there!



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