Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Entries for Gladstone CQ IOM Championships 2019

Gladstone WharfEntries are still open for the the Central Queensland IOM Championships.

At the time of posting this story 29 entrants were registered for this event from across the country.  The current National Champion Sean Wallis from Perth WA has grabbed the opportunity to sail at this great venue and continue to hone his skills in preparation for the World championships in Brazil later this year.  That and the suspicion that he just enjoys beating Queenslanders at home! 

But the field is a strong one comprised of a rapidly growing group of competitive Queensland sailors determined to take this event for themselves.  In strong contention for their local knowledge and recent form would be Arron Farrar and Grant Cooper who both finished strongly at the National Championships last February.  In the visiting Queenslanders, Greg Torpy has won at this location and has to be considered a chance.

This is also Round 2 of the QRYA Grand Prix Series.  Round 1 was raced at Kawana earlier this year with the series culminating in October at the 2019 IOM State Championships.  Competitors are scored on a best of three results in the four race series so if you missed the first one you can still compete in the last three.

Gladstone is always a popular location to sail from and the harbour location provides ideal radio water.  So if you have been thinking about attending but have not yet registered, click here and enter now


Announcing the Sunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club

SCRSCLogo thumb.png21

The QRYA is pleased to announce a new affiliated club following the approval of an application from the Sunshine Coast Radio Sailing Club (SCRSC) on the 15th May. The new club has replaced the iconic Club Kawana Radio Yachting (CKRY) organisation at the Lake Kawana location.  Sailing times are unchanged.

The QRYA worked closely with SCRSC to smooth the way for local sailors to transition to the new club.  Fees for member renewal that had already been paid by CKRY were retained for SCRSC and existing members transferred across. A QRYA Management Committee vote to formally approve the affiliation was completed by online vote within days of the receipt of the application, removing the delay of waiting for the next meeting.

Given the prominence that the Club Kawana had in Queensland radio sailing, sailors are asking what happened, but at this stage there is little information to pass on other than that the SCRSC has stated that it is a new club, not a re-branding of CKRY.  A quick reminisce at the CKRY website (that was still up at the time of posting this), lists a rich history now closed off. 


Commodore                   -     Ross Mackay     

Vice-Commodore           -     Greg Adams

Rear-Commodore          -     John Halloran

Secretary                        -     Derek Cragg

Treasurer                        -     David Clifton-Dobbing

The Contact Information has been updated on the QRYA website so that you can welcome them aboard and contact them directly for membership applications or just more information.


A Class Queensland Championship 2019


Well what a great day and how close was the racing.

The day started off with a fleet of 8 Yachts, a good South Easterly with some really good wind gusts.

Midday the breeze changed direction considerably, but after some deliberation, it was decided to keep on sailing the original course as it was thought that the breeze would eventually swing back, and guess what?

AclassStartthinIn the afternoon, everyone had to contend with another problem, WEED. Doesn’t matter how well you set-up your boat, a little weed brings you to a stop, even an A Class.

John Heard was our first and only casualty for the day having to pull out with winch failure after the first race, it was certainly a loss of one of our top skippers.Aclassgroup

As said previously, it was close racing and this is depicted by the Score Sheet.

Congratulations to Garry Taylor, first on 23 points, followed by Les Flood on 25 points, then Jason Nasmith on 26 points.

Congratulations to all the other skippers, some surprised themselves, hey Brian.

A big thank you to John Fulton, our OOD for the day, David Black for the Scoring, and all the other Club Members for without their help we could not have run the event.AclassFirst











Bob Worton

Results linked here


QRYA Youtube hits 284,938 Minutes Viewing

Website View Time

Since launching the QRYA Youtube channel two years ago, the exposure it has had for Radio Sailing has exceeded all expectations.  As you can see from the table above, over 284,000 minutes of viewing and +76,000 individual views is in anyones language a lot of publicity for the sport.

Website Top Videos

The statistics are facinating and provide further ways to understand exactly who is interested in Radio Sailing and what videos have attracted their interest.

Looking at the table to the right it is clear that internet searches for DF65s have brought many people to the site from all over the world as have DF95s more recently.  This is a clear message to the sailing community on where the growth of the sport is most likely to come from.Website Age





Further, the ages of the viewers is probably no surprise with the first group of any size being the 55 - 64 age bracket where people are first finding both time and some disposable captial to invest in themselves and have some fun.


The value of holding National events from a publicity perspective is also evident in the graph below.

Website Increase Nationals

Left is an extract of the Views per Day with the peak at ~1,000 a day during the 2019 National Championships.  Interestingly the views retained a higher average rate even after the Nationals completed as people subscribed to the channel and returned regularly to see new content.  Of course it is impossible to understand what effect all this traffic has had on the sport here in Australia, however it must have increased participation when people see the activity and want to join in the action. 

For those sailors or prospective sailors reading this, please visit the QRYA Youtube channel and subscribe to it as it all helps to increase the prominance of the channel on google searches to promote the sport.

So next time you see Ian Lobley quitely recording the event, say hello and thank him for his dedication to promoting the sport we all enjoy.


Queensland Class Coordinators

   Class       Coordinator                      Phone#                       Email           
A Class Garry Taylor 0411 432 242 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
M Class Trevor Fisher 0431 272 880 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ten Rater Ross Capper (02) 6672 3456 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
IOM Bill Clancy (07) 5598 1531 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
RC Laser Peter O'Grady 0404 881 932 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DF65 Mike Jefferys 0423 801 794 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DF95 Col Cameron 0409 590 954 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The QRYA has appointed experienced sailors to represent each class recognised in Queensland.

What will they do?

Role Description:

  • Represent the interests of the class to the QRYA
  • Assist the Event Coordinator to secure venues & set the calendar.
  • Resolve class specific Issues.

For Clubs

Clubs who host ranking events produce the Notice of Race (NOR) for the event.  Under this structure the Class Coordinator has the ability to discuss details with the Event Coordinator and host club if necessary.  At the 2019 National Championships the Class Coordinators represented each fleet to the PRO and organising authority. This approach worked well and we encourage the same at ranking events.

For Classes

These positions offer each class greater involvement in planning and execution of ranking events.  Sailors in each class now have a QLD coordinator to refer issues or questions to. The class has the ability to choose its coordinator for approval by the QRYA.

For the QRYA

The QRYA will have a person to contact in Queensland for class specific issues.  They will have assurance that the regatta details described on the NOR will suite the class concerned.  They will also assist the QRYA Events Coordinator to ensure that the Events Calendar is completed and suits the needs of the class.

In Closing

Thank you to those sailors who have stepped up to fill these positions for the good of their class and the sport of Radio Sailing.  The QRYA encourages all members and clubs to contact the Class Coordinators and make use of their representation where needed.


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