Saturday, July 11, 2020
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DF95 Owners Essential Reading

DF95Scene thumbWith the continuing growth of the DF95 class, any and all information about them is in demand.  Recently produced and uploaded to the QRYA website is a DF95 Owners Manual.  It contains details on Setting Up, After Sailing and Ongoing Maintenance. 

For experienced Radio Control sailors the manual contains useful information about the boat, but for sailors new to the sport it is a gold mine of 'need to know' tips and tricks.

In each region there is always a 'go-to' person for assembly and repairs, one of these is Col Cameron in Townsville.  In addition to his role as the DF95 Class Coordinator in Queensland he was instrumental in the success of the recent QLD State Championships.  Col has generously assembled many of the local 95's for new owners and then supports them with advice and encouragment on the water. 

The document will be maintained and updated as required so for those of you with something to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact Col so he can incorporate your learnings as well.  His contact details are in the footer of the manual.

Link to QRYA Information page.  See it listed under 'Learning More'.



The Eddie Cowell Trophy is Back!

ECImageThe Eddie Cowell Trophy is an icon in the Australian radio sailing community.  After a short lapse the trophy has returned to the calendar.

Following the successful use of Regatta Lake at Oxenford for the 2019 National Championships, the QRYA committee has decided to run the Eddie Cowell event at that lake.  The venue has excellent facilities, sailing conditions and no home water advantage to anyone.

Although this is a major event in its own right, it has been timed to provide a warm-up to the IOM Australian Championships scheduled from 20th July 2020.  Queensland sailors and any visitors will no doubt take the opportunity to hone their skills in multi-fleet conditions and top level competition.

The regatta will be an ARYA Ranking event.  More information will be made available on this website soon.












Final Round of DF65 Bi-Series

Boats1DF65 Bi-Series –round 4, Springfield Lakes - Nov 23

We had a fleet of 14 starters for the final round of this year’s DF65 Bi-series, but during the course of the 4 events a total of 32 skippers, a good participation rate from just 2 clubs.

Well the weather was fine and the winds were challenging, mostly from the NW though to NE and sometimes all of the above at the same time on varying parts of the lake, as can sometimes happen here, and favour no one. There were some slow races but we did manage to finish 16 for the day.

Mike had his usual good day with 2 of his 3 drops being only 2 points each and the third was not performance related, but a battery failure. That’s how to do it. Well done once again Mike.

Scores for the day:Winners Sm

1st            Mike Jefferys on 16

2nd           Ray Wilson on 54

3rd            Grant Lihou on 55

A very close result for the minor placings, if you can call them that.

2019 Final results for the DF 65 Bi-Series

After the 4 rounds completed for the year, the placings were;

1st            Mike Jefferys on 300Boats4

2nd           Grant Lithou on 257

3rd           Graham Cowling on 214, who has had only 3 years of sailing, so achieved a great result.

2019 Final ‘Club’ results for the DF 65 Bi-Series

A fairly close finish with PRYC taking the honours on 944, and SLMM on 903.

Finally, thanks to the organisers of all four events for ‘making it happen’.

And for the final event, Trevor Fisher as RO, Norm Gough and Ian Ashe as observers, John Heard for the Gazebos, toilets, rescue boat and presentations, and our 2 favourite ladies for the scoring along with the most dedicated David Black. Thank you all.

Well done to all skippers for their participation during the year, and we look forward to a similar or even better year in 2020.

Ian R


Aussies at the IOM Worlds


22 November 2019

For those of you finding it a challenge to get information on just what is happening at the IOM Worlds in Brazil, you are not alone.  The coverage is scant, the event website until yesterday did not list any results and it is more than a bit frustrating after the glamour coverage two years ago in France.

Most of the information has been posted on the 2019 IOM Worlds Facebook group.  That is OK for those who use that social media, not that great for others who made a personal choice not to.  Results have been posted today on the Event website.

The few videos that have been posted have been greatly appreciated but they are patchy and sometimes of poor quality.  The stills have been very good though, like the one here. 

In the one shot we can see #148 Paul Jones just in front of #72 Doug Allen, followed by #171 Sean Wallis and #139 Rosco Bennett. 

The progress of the Aussie contingent highlights just how tough the competition is over there.  After starting strongly the team has drifted down the list a bit, the exception being Paul Jones (NSW) who has posted consistant finishes in the top 10 of A Fleet, to creep up the ladder.  Currently ranked 7th after 16 races.  Before the third drop he was 5th.

Sean Wallis still has a chance of finishing in the top 10 if he returns to A fleet soon but that looks a challenge.  Ross Bennett (WA) and Doug Allen (QLD) are only a few points apart sitting in the high teens.  John Gower (QLD) and Russell Gray (QLD) are sitting in the high 50's and showing us how hard it must be to climb out of the lower fleets once you get there.

We wish them all the best for the final few days.



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