Thursday, September 24, 2020
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New QRYA Calendar just launched !


18 Jan 2020

Just released is an updated Events Calendar for the the 2020 year.  The calendar has always been on the website but now after a redesign and update, it is the formal 'Source of Truth' for all Queensland events.

Last year, ten (yes 10) versions of the traditional spreadsheet were released to adjust for the inevitable changes that occur.  This change cycle consumned significant time and effort in both the State Committee and Club Secretaries who have been required to distribute each new calendar to their members.  Focusing all efforts on the Website calendar will eliminate the workload on Club Secretaries, while at the same time ensuring that all sailors have 24x7 access to the very latest information.


So let's have a look at how it works!





When selected from the website front page menu the calendar will display in Month form with each class a different colour. 

Use the arrows top left to change the month.















If you only sail one class, you can now customise the calendar yourself by switching classes on or off.  You can also see events in a List (Agenda) mode.  When printing, it will only print those classes you selected!












When you click on an event, details will be displayed including location and any links available.












Published Notice of Race documents will be displayed next to the calendar.




So remember that there will be changes during the year and that the only place you will get the latest details is on the QRYA Website Calendar.

For more information on Event scheduling please contact Event Coordinator Ian Ashe.


Tens n Marbles Prep for Aussie Champs


It's 2020 and just around the corner is the 2020 Ten Rater Class and Marblehead Class Australian Championships to be held at Yarrawonga, Victoria.

It's hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since the 2019 Australian Championships were held at Regatta Waters on the Gold Coast and now sailors are preparing their boats once again for a trip to Yarrawonga in country Victoria.

Yarrawonga, located 281 km north-east of Melbourne lies on the border between Victoria and New South Wales at the south-western corner of Lake Mulwala where the lake passes through the Yarrawonga Weir and flows into the Murray River and the Yarrawonga Yacht Club (YYC) will host the Australian Championships for the two classes over seven days from 16 - 22 February 2020.

Victoria's Kirwan Robb will be keen to defend his title in both classes after success in Queensland but will no doubt be pressed by a number of keen challengers including four time 10R winner (2013, 2014, 2016 & 2017) and 2018 Marblehead winner, Scott Condie (NSW) who, by posts on social media, appears to have been receiving some personal coaching and guidance from none other than the master Brad Gibson. (The editor is assured that this cost him numerous beers!)

Competition in the 10's will be tight as alongside Robb & Condie there will be numerous other contenders including Andy Reid (2018 champion), Steve Sedgmen (ACT) as well as WA's Glenn Dawson all pushing for a championship win.

While both entry lists still have plenty of additions to be made, the 10R entry list is dominated by the Gibson designed Trance and the Sedgmen designed Sanga which will no doubt make for fantastic racing with little deciding the designs - will the Sanga come out on top in 2020?

The Marblehead's are not much different with the Gibson designed Indie's & Grunge's filling the list along side the Red Ant F series designs and once again you can expect some top quality racing with the Robb, Condie, Reid trio expected to be placing well but with racing so tight any number of M sailors could upset the balance.

Whether it be 10's or M's, both will deliver some extraordinary racing with these classes the thoroughbred's or formula 1's of radio sailing!

Entries close 07 February so act now and get your entry in!

by: Sean Wallis

For further information visit the AYRA Australian Championships website ( 


Foundation EC formed to steer the formation of the new ITCA

Tenrater logoA Foundation Executive has been formed to steer the formation of the new International Ten Rater Class Association (ITCA), which is currently a class association within the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA). 

This is a positive step forward for the Ten Rater Class in that it will be able to more specifically focus on the needs and promotion of the Ten Rater Class throughout the world. 

The Foundation Executive is a group of experienced competitors and administrators in the Radio Controlled sport and will be remaining in place only through 2020 to start it all up and then will call for a General Assembly with executive elections where the Members will take responsibility. The formation of the ITCA will in no way alter or change the process of the coming 2020 WC.\images\10rx2downwind

The Foundation Executive Team 

ITCA Chairman  -  Selwyn Holland (AUS)
Secretary and Vice Chairman  -  Phil Holliday (GBR)
Events Chairman  -  Henning Faas (GER)
Technical Chairman  -  Gerd Mentges (GER)
Finance Chairman  -  Thomy Blatter (SUI)




Mariners First to the Rescue

RescueBoatThis story wasn't made a fuss of as the Navy was on the way, but this boat appearing first off the Mallacoota coast was one of the most heartwarming stories in the thousands that have been told.

"By Sarah Farnsworth


On New Year's Eve, without fanfare, the Norwegian-flagged supply vessel Far Saracen arrived at Mallacoota answering an SOS call from Victoria's emergency services.

Its crew of 14 Australian and Kiwi seafarers were the first to reach the town via the water.

They brought much-needed supplies to the thousands of locals and tourists huddled on the beach sheltering from the fire wreaking havoc on the town."

Full Story linked here.

I have to confess that I am normally unaffected by what passes as News, bad news is normal, but this disaster has affected me deeply, our country has been changed in ways we do not yet fully understand.  In talking to fellow sailors, friends and family I am not alone, more than a few eyes have misted over on this one as yet more scenes of devestation appear on our screens.

But we are doing what we can to help.  Our Virtual Regatta now has over $1,200 and we are still have a way to go till the 27th.  If you haven't entered the event yet then please do now.  All proceeds going to the Red Cross tagetted at the Fire Disaster fund.

To those of you who have contributed so far thanks you so much, expecially those who have donated more than the $25 entry fee, very generous of you.

Ron Fawcett

Click here to Enter/Donate



Bushfire Virtual Regatta Entry is up!!! ($1200 so far)

BushfireSailors have a code to always stop and assist those in need in the sometimes stormy waters of life.  It's time for us to do something to help those affected by the ongoing fire emergency to our south. 

We have scheduled a virtual Regatta on the 27th January and all entry fees will be donated to registered charities. 

Of course we can all donate anytime we want, but now, as sailors we have an opportunity to do something.  If you have already donated, do it again please.

All entries will remain on the QRYA website until after the race to acknowledge your donation.


The charity will be selected by the QRYA Treasurer and annouced before the 27th.

Link to NOR is here


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