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2019 QLD DF95 State Championship Report


WinnersSaturday, the 5th October and Sunday the 6th October 2019, the days set aside for the inaugural Queensland DF 95 State Championships hosted by the Townsville RC Yachting club in sunny North Queensland. As the entrants arrived from across Queensland and NSW, they were welcomed to a beautiful balmy sunny day with a nice breeze for the East, which would allow for some of the best racing of radio sailing yachts to be seen.

We ended up with 15 nominations after 3 late withdrawals from the Whitsunday club due to sickness and family issues, but we had 2 entries from the Moreton Club (SE Qld), 1 from NSW, 2 from Whitsunday, 4 from Mackay, 6 from Townsville. Thank you to all for travelling so far to make this a successful event.

it wasn’t long before our visiting PRO, Peter (Straw) Morris had the racing underway after an excellent briefing session. From the outset, it became apparent that the DragonFlite 95 Class was going to live up to it’s reputation of being a lively easy sailed radio sailing yacht as the competition was so close.

The breeze started to move from the East to the North, which bought in some interference from some large trees near the sailing area and this caused a few problems with picking the wind shifts and at times of where the breeze was. Jamie (850) , Geoff (195), Col (78), Cheyne (81) and Leon (86) made the most of the early races to stamp their authority on the racing with some good consistent sailing, always making sure to try and finish in the top 5. As it was a single fleet, the PRO made sure that we sailed 5 races and then had a 10-minute break, so that all skippers could rehydrate, tune up and reset for the next round of races.

By 3:30 pm, we had completed 14 races, so a halt was called to the Championship racing and we started a new concept of handicap racing. Basically, we split the fleet into 2 based on the positions after 14 races and 2 drops, with the lower placed 7 skippers racing off for a Trophy and prize. The higher placed skippers were allocated as mentors to these 7 skippers to assist them in tuning and providing on water training during the race so that they would improve. Each skipper was allocated a start handicap based on their position with the winner getting 30 seconds, 2nd 20 seconds, 3rd 10 seconds, added to their time after each race, and 4 races were planned for the Saturday Afternoon and 4 races for Sunday Morning.

Sailors 1Was it a success? It sure was and was a real hit with everyone with lots of laughs, serious talking, boat tuning, muted race tactics, it had it all and every one of these skippers improved their sailing skills. The racing was so close that only a handful of points separated the 7 skippers.

On the social scene, we attended a sit-down dinner at the onsite Restaurant, one of the best in Townsville and we had a great time, sharing stories and tall tales over a few beers and a grand dinner.

Sunday, the weather was the same, with the wind dying down a fraction, and so we kicked off with the final 4 races for the fun filled handicap series, and in the end Ross (840) took the honors from his son Dean (13) by 1 point, with Rob (806) a close third. Now it was time to start the serious racing again, with Jamie (850) leading Geoff (195) by a couple of points, followed by Col (78), Leon (86), Garry (127) and Cheyne (81), all within striking distance. Everyone witnessed some great tactical sailing between the top 2, as they jostled for supremacy, covering each other, taking risks on wind shifts and they always seemed to get out of poor positions and claw their way back, but in the end, it was Jamie’s (850) consistent sailing that gave him the trophy.

After 27 races, it was time to call it quits and pack up and head home.

The final results show Jamie Jochheim (850) as a clear winner on 46 Points, followed by Geoff Morris (195) on 54.2 points, with Col Cameron (78) a credible 3rd with 87 points.
Leon Thomas (86) held onto 4th place, not bad considering he had hurt his back on Saturday morning assisting the pickup boat, and sailing his DF 95 for the 2nd time, Garry Russell (127) 127 points held off Cheyne Timmermans (81) 129 points. Rob Black (806) started to improve with each race and finished with 154 points, while Ray Part (859) sailing a borrowed boat off Rob, finished with 164 points.
Jason Sten (21) sailing in his first regatta tied with Dean Anderson (13) on 167 points with Jason winning on countback. Ross Anderson (840) finished with 201 points and Roy Tungate (815) finished with 228points, then we had the New South Welshman and executive of the Australian DF Radio Sailing Association, Paul Martin (67) finishing with 244 points, but to be fair, he did miss at least 7 races due to a late flight in on Saturday. Finally Warren Maxwell (19) 301 points and Charlie Krebs (68) 327, rounded out the final places but both showed huge improvement in their sailing as it was there first major regatta and they are new to the sport of DF95 Radio sailing, so they did well just to turn up and have ago, Congratulations fella’s!

Boats 1Some of the highlights of the weekend, were watching Col Cameron on a number of times having a clear undefeatable position heading for a sure win, only to watch in frustration as his yacht became becalmed on the final leg, and all the other yachts passing him on either side, obviously enjoying Col’s suffering. Many calls of, “don’t follow Col, or watch out for wait awhile Camo!”. It was pleasing to see a lot of skippers helping with tuning, with the ever-popular measuring stick coming out to check mast rake etc.

The level of sportsmanship was outstanding with all penalties being done without argument, no official protests, one redress request, and lots of respect shown to everyone, just what a successful regatta requires. Of note, our guard dog, Rusty from Brisbane, made the site very safe, as he kept all crocodiles, snakes etc. away for the weekend, thank you Rusty.

A big thank you to Peter Morris for doing an excellent job as PRO, ably supported by the Townsville RC Yachting Volunteers (Bob, Ian, John, Steve and Ray), without you, we would not have had such a great regatta. Thanks also to Carolyn, who made the weekend by scoring on the laptop, and is now interested in joining the DF95 Clan, plus a thank you to Jason and his supply of shade tents and cold drinking facilities courtesy of his ADF Brigade.

Next year the Qld DF95 Titles will be in the South East Corner of Queensland at a time and place to be announced shortly.

Classic IOM Battle at Newport

NewcStartThe venue at Newport uses either a southern or western bank for the control area, so it is at its best in a northerly, particularly a north-easter and that is exactly what the weather gods sent on Saturday 14th September.

The Moreton Radio Yacht Squadron opted for the low cost zero catering model, $10 entry fee and left the entries open till the morning of the race.  Some competitors did arrive unanounced and were quickly registered.  For a while it looked like going to two fleets but entries topped out at 23 making for a busy start line and more fun at the first top mark rounding!

Till the lunch break a light NNE breeze at 2 to 6 knots occilated slighty about the course but generallty it was fair NewcBankconditons.  The control area was setup on the western bank giving good elevation and the choice of a dry launch from the nearby pontoon.

Josh Torpy streaked away in the first race leaving his old-man and the rest of the fleet in the weeds. It looked interesting and a bit omminous for top end contenders.  But by Race 3, Arron Farrar got the tuning and tactics right and strung three bullets together to create a nice little buffer by the time the first drop arrived.  He repeated the same trifecta from Race 11 after lunch.  But while this was happening, Greg Torpy was quietly banking a couple of wins and other podium places using consistancy to whittle away at Arron's lead.

Conditions improved with the breeze building a few knots as the day progressed and it stayed in the same part of the compass.  Visibility was excellent with the sun at the competitors backs so any shifts were most often very visible on the water and they did generally stay in for long enough to confidently tack on a knock.  For the last hour of racing the pressure clocked a few degrees west of north and the PRO Ian Ashe selected the left pair of bouys to round. 

Doug Allen was also chipping away at those in front and after three drops had a worst score of 7.  This put him in easy reach of either of the two leaders if they stumbled, even for one race or two.  But that didn't happen.

After 17 races, Arron Farrar and Greg Torpy were both on 39 points with Doug on 47.  A countback was required to sort this out and it went to Arron, 6 wins Vs 2 wins to Greg.  A pretty convincing result in the end.

Full results are here

Noteable in the results is 5 Kantun 2's in the top 10, this is unusual as there has only been one or two of them in any given fleet for the past year or so.

A big thanks to the Moreton Club for hosting the event and sharing their excellent facilities.  Thanks also to PRO Ian Ashe, scorer David Black, Gwen Warne, Mike SS, David Brunsden and Mark Deller.

Looking forward to seeing you there again next year!






DF95 Invitational Round 2 goes to Hinchcliff

DF95CroppedWell, Sunday the 15th arrived with fresh gusty winds from the North or North West. A good course was laid under the direction of Allan Young PRO  and laid by Julian. After the briefing and a slight start line alteration 10 boats faced the starter. Disappointing to not see a couple of entries who didn’t turn up however the day was enjoyed in good spirit with volunteers from the DF65 PRYC Fleet assisting most admirably.Captioned winners fffCapture

The wind had most undecided as to whether to use A rig or B however as the day progressed the decision became even harder A battle soon developed between Laurie Hinchcliffe and Graham Cowling for the podium finishes with Laurie consistently out sailing the others. Ian Ashe came in a well deserved 3rd and I am happy to say Will Charlton was fourth. Various little problems affected the rest of the Fleet which is shown in the results.

It was disappointing to see a poor representation from the other Clubs who race this Class. Maybe next time. My thanks go to all that assisted to make it a good day with 24 races in 3.5 hours excluding lunch.

All the best

Frank Arrowsmith

DF95 Fleet Captain

Paradise Radio Yacht Club


Who will be the first DF95 Queensland Champion?

DF95sforStatesThis is the inaugural state championship for this class now that it has State Sanction and soon to be Nationally recognised. The fleet in Queensland has grown exponentially over the past 2 years with strong fleets on the Gold Coast, Moreton, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Whitsundays, Mackay, Townsville with some 120 boats registered in Qld and rising.

The event will be held over 2 days on the 5th and 6th October 2019 (Long Weekend Qld) and is being hosted by the Townsville RC Yachting club at their current sailing site , Lake Curralea. The club has been operating from this site for over 30 years and has shaded facilities and toilets and is more than strong enough to conduct the state championships. The site also has accommodation either side of it from Resort style hotel rooms (Mercure Townsville) to Caravan style bungalows all within walking distance of the venue. Skippers can drive (only 1345 kms from Brisbane) or fly (1.5 hours) and 10 minutes from airport.

As event organiser, I am endeavouring to have a recognised experienced PRO and scorer to assist, as we may be using the recently ARYA approved Simple Heat Racing System (SHRS) for the first time in Qld RC Sailing history. I have been directed by the Australian DF Radio Sailing Association to try to use this system and as I only expect entries to be 20 to 30, it will be an ideal time to use it.

The Notice of race is now up on the QRYA site, but I have attached it so you can get the website links for the accommodation sites , plus I will be adding it to the DF95 Australian Owners Face book page, of which I am an administrator.

Please feel free to contact me for further information

Regards and good Sailing

Col Cameron

QLD DF95 Cordinator

Ph: 0409 590 954

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enter Here



DF95 Invitation expecting hot competition

 95windwardflat2 September 2019

You still have a few days to get your calendar reorganised if you are not already rocking up to Emerald Lakes with your DF95 on the 8th September.

Following on from the inviation event at Paradise Radio Yachting Club last June, and the regatta at Newport in May, this event will continue to attemp to identify who is whom in this class in Queensland.  So far it appears wide open with a different winner and even place-getters in each event so far.  Entrants range from relatively new club members to experienced radio sailors attracted to this new class from other classes.

Please enter using the link below so that the club knows you are coming, but if it takes till Saturday night to earn enough brownie points with the missus, that's ok, sneak out and roll up Sunday morning!

Oh and $10 to enter and lunch will be provided, best value entertainment you will get this month, or maybe year.

See you there.

Notice of Race and Entry details here.

Report on the previous event here.



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