Sunday, September 26, 2021
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DF95 Now ARYA Nationally Recognised Class

DF95Scene thumbAt the 2020 Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) Annual General Meeting, the Dragon Flite 95 Class was accepted as a Nationally Recognised Class (NRC).  This was of course no surprise as plans were made almost a year ago to hold the National Championships for both the DF95 and DF65 next month in Western Australia.  The DF95 class now has over thirty entries in that event.  Pretty impressive for a first event and on the western side of the country.  See the National Championship site here.DF95

The criteria requires a class to have been accepted as a State Recognised Class in at least three member states, and that State Championships have been held in those states.  The 95 easily passed that criteria.  Other there other requirements include the existance of managed class rules.

The new status of the class means that it is now organised and managed in the same way as the existing national classes.  For serious competitors it allows them to sail the boat at all levels from the local club all the way to national and international level. 

For those who have been sailing the boat for a year or so in Queensland, this announcement does not change your experience at the club next week as only a minority of members want to go on to compete at National level, however the option is now there.  The new classification stitches the boat and its owners into the international competitive yachting community.

The next event in Queensland has entries open, you can enter here.  Although Queensland is one of the States that has already held a State Championship, this next event in March will be the first one for the class as an NRC.  The event at Emerald Lakes will be the first to be included into the official Ranking list, and the first in the three Queensland Grand Prix (GP) Series for which a Queensland GP Championship Title is awarded.

The suppliers are linked here.  Registration details are supplied when you buy the boat.  The Australian DF Radio Sailing Association (ADFRSA) manages the class registration and class rules.

So if you want to get into Radio Sailing or are just attracted to adding another boat to your quiver, get into this class. 


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