Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Club Saling Starts - with restrictions

StartRacingRulesFrom midnight 15th May COVID-19 restrictions change in Queensland to allow up to 10 people to gather in outdoor activities as long as required social distancing is observed.  Please ensure you understand those requirements so your wallet is not affected.

So after a few months off everyone will be keen to get out there and compete but there are a few things you can do to make sure you day is a successful and enjoyable one.

The first is boat maintenace.  Just because your boat has not been doing anything does not mean it will behave itself on the day.  Corrosion doesn't sleep.  For those with metal masts a quick check and a poke around is well worthwhile.  I know of a couple of well maintained boats that have reported corrosion issues that could have been major if the first day of sailing had been windy.  Mainly applies to IOMs but other classes with carbon masts have metal fittings. 

Another key area is electronics.  Had a winch that initially did not chime up, took a rotation by hand to wake it up, a sign that the motor had sat on one spot too long, maybe it's on the way out.  Another was an otherwise well treated receiver that for no apparent reason decided it had had enough.  No visible signs of corrosion.  Batteries also need a good look at.  Had a couple of reasonably new LiPo's come out of storage a little puffy.  Disappointing as they had been placed in 'storage' mode a few months ago so clearly this characterstic of these batteries has little to do with use, more like age.

Depending on where you boat was stored you might also check those deck patches if your boat has them.  If your boat was exposed to any light at all in the garage then the patches can become brittle and one bump and they could split more easily than they would otherwise.  Advisable to replace them anyway.  While you are at it, why not refresh the sheets as well.

So that takes care of the hardware, but how about the software, rules in your head?  Could that do with a refresh?  The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are read about as often as the manual for your refrigerator, that is they could be consulted if something goes wrong.  Rules are boring in print and not designed to be read like a novel so let's try it another way.  This linked video is one of the best attempts to make the basic rules digestible that I have seen.  Invest 20 minutes to improve your understanding of the rules we all sail to, it will improve your confidence and so you can enjoy your sailing when you return.



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