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Radio Sailing in Moreton Bay!

Offshorewidesailing Flat water and a great breeze in Moreton Bay for the Offshore Challenge

15th July 2020

Thirteen entries for the Wynnum Manly Offshore Challenge with ten registering last Sunday, at the end of the Wynnum Jetty.  Just before the start Mike Freebairn arrived, shorts, T-shirt, no shoes, IOM in one hand and transmitter in the other.  That made eleven.  Mike threw his boat in the water 30 seconds before the start sequence and got a creditable third off the blocks.  Disappointing really, some of us also-rans had been tuning up for an hour.

The breeze was out of the west, so just 200 metres off-shore made for flat water, very different to the trial we did a few months ago where our boats disappeared behind a few Moreton Bay chops.  Lifts and knocks were not subtle and big gains could be made by the observant.

The jetty is an excellent RC racing platform, elevated with slip resistant steps on every side with a couple of shelters if it had rained.  Space is limited and the next event will be capped to 15 entrants.  But that is a good thing if you are one of those who gets in early!  The strength of the location is that a fair course can bOffshoreWinnersLeft to Right: Greg Torpy 2nd, Mike Freebairn 1st and Doug Allen 3rde set for any wind direction.  Elevation of the control area is about 2m at high tide and the start line is literally metres away. 

As the races ticked by, dark clouds gathered on the western horizon bang on script with the BOM, so the race committee decided to not take a break to ensure that we got the required twelve races in.  Anyway it was freezing for the unprepared and no one argued about just getting the races done.  After presentations and the walk back to the car just, a light drizzle started.

For anyone considering entering the next one in less than two weeks time, a trolley is an essential item.  Several trolley variations were seen making the journey, just make sure they are compact, two wheels max. 

No running commentary of who did what necessary here, the results tell the story.  Everyone who didn't win came away with their sad 'if only' stories, there will be a next time!  Entries are open here.

Ron Fawcett

Full Results HERE



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