Friday, January 28, 2022
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Marbleheads State Championships at Newport

mclassstart14 September 2020

2020 Queensland Marblehead Championships

Last minute arrangements and hard work by the organising committee meant that the Competition could continue although it would now be a one-day event. Many thanks go to the Newport team for their professional and organised event.

The Marblehead class continues to grow and although the event was originally going to be at Harvey Bay 12 boats still entered

Everyone watched the weather for cast for the week before as high winds were forecast and that was surely the case on the day. Everyone started on b and c rigs and pretty much stayed there all day.mclasspres

Competition was tough but Greg Torpy won the day with his brand new Grunge only put together in the preceding few weeks with but didn’t have it all his own way with Jason Nasmith, Geoff Morris , Garry Russell and Doug Allen all having wins over the day. Showing just how good the competition is in this class.

After Greg sorted his boat though he was never going to be beaten 18 Points after 18 races after discards , With Jason in second on 40 points and Garry Russell a close third on 45 points.

A special encouragement award to Stuart Boughton for his first major event well sone Stuart.

These events don’t just happen and the organising committee should be commended for their running of the event lead by PRO Ron Fawcett. The event was fun exciting and competitive with all penalties being swiftly actioned and fun to be had by all

2021 is going to be an exciting year for this class please let us know how we can beat Torpy in the future.

Trevor Fisher.


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