Sunday, September 26, 2021
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What's Happening with the National Championships 2021?

Map2021Nats7 January 2021

For those sailors who travel to National Championships each year all but the IOM class is now scheduled.

The A's, Marbleheads and Ten Raters will be held at Austin Lakes WA between 8 and 14 September.  The DF Nationals will be at Montrose Bay, Tasmania from 14 to 17 October.  See the QRYA Calendar for details.  It has been updated to include these events along with all Queensland Championship regionals and state.

After the cancellation of the 2020 IOM event at Yarrawonga due to COVID-19 and with the hope of hosting the event in the early part of 2021, the Victorian Radio Yachting Association has regrettably declined the right to host the event due to the lack of available venues to meet the anticipated time frame.

As a result the ARYA, in accordance with it's bylaws, has invited state associations to submit expressions of interest to host the 2021 IOM Australian Championship with an initial expression of interest to be provided by 17 January 2021. It is expected that an announcement of the successful submission to be announced shortly thereafter.

The shortlist is indeed short, with Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland already commited to one or more National events in 2021, Victoria already passing on it and NSW still in the grip of the virus it is likey that the ARYA will not be flooded with offers.  While we have to check the news each morning to learn what borders are open or closed, organising a National level event will involve accepting a higher level of risk to impact by travel restrictions, something we have not had to consider till now.

Word on the street is that the QRYA Committee is in the process of considering what response if any it will have to the ARYA invitation.

But for the left-out IOM skippers, there is a rumour that the first Queensland Ranking Event of the season could be a new one at Regatta Lake, Coomera.  Don't tell anyone I said it, but pencil in the dates 21 and 22 February.  Apparently the necessary permits are being sought to book the water, let's hope that goes well.  The QRYA Secretary's Office was contacted for details but he said "It's not our policy to comment on rumours"

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