Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Volunteers & Radio Yachting

1ObserversVolunteers at the Nationals 2019, between races.12 January 2021

We could have more radio yachting events each year, except for the shortage of one thing ... volunteers.

Traditionally a host club organises their own members to fill the positions needed to run an event.  For smaller clubs this can indeed be a challenge, so much so that they just cannot put their hands up.  Asking around, all clubs have this problem to some degree, even the largest one in Queensland.  Either there are not enough people available or those who are become overloaded and jaded by it all.  So what can be done?

Well for the 2019 National Championships the Organising Committee put out a call across Australia and New Zealand, the result was a rich pool of people wiling to give from a half day to several days as an observer, boat crew or assisting the scorers, just for that event.  The main reason for this approach was the size of the event and that the host was the QRYA, they don't have any equipment just a few people who mostly already had jobs organising and keeping the regatta running.  So, why not look at that model for other events I hear you ask?1ScorersSome of the Scoring Team 2019

I heard a rumour that the QRYA has been looking at how it can better communicate with members when an event needs some help.  I'm sure that if some of us knew that a regatta not too far from them needed a hand they could well be interested.  Maybe give a morning to it.  It's interesting to spend some time watching a class you don't sail go about their business and it's way better than mowing the lawn or waiting for your partner to tell you what you haven't done right this time.  And volunteering is certainly better than sitting at home watching Ian Lobley's race videos when you could see the real thing.  Watch them later!

So anyway, watch this space for any developments, in the meantime, have a think about giving something back to the sport if you do not already.  I suspect that there are plenty of people interested if they knew they were needed. 

But back at your own club, if they sail more than one class, go to your club management and tell them you could be available to help events you don't sail in.  If the grandkids happen to be over the weekend you are needed then just do it another time, but make the offer anyway.  The most valuable thing we can give others, is our time.

So to paraphrase another well known American sailor; "Ask not what your sport can do for you ... ask what you can do for radio yachting."  

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