Friday, January 28, 2022
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The Coomera Cup is GO!

RegattaLakeStartIOMs at Regatta Lake16 January 2021

Seemingly out of nowhere a brand new Ranking Event has appeared for IOM skippers hosted by the Wynnum Manly Club.  It's very exciting.

At a meeting late last year the QRYA was finalising the 2021 Events calendar when they noticed a big hole in it, called February.  Historically that month has been the Australian National Championships where four classes held sequential regattas over nearly two weeks.  The 2019 event in Queensland looks like being the last of its kind as the ARYA altered their regulations to allow for classes to hold separate championships, different places, different times if they want.  So that left February in Queensland blank.

So the committee scanned about for something to fill the void before IOM sailors became jittery. This was a real challenge as the calendar was about as full for most clubs as they wanted later on in the year, reluctant to ask them to take on more.  Last year there had been some speculation that the flash new Wynnum Manly (WM) trailer could be used as a "just add water" instant regatta machine.  It has everything needed to run an event except water and a fleet.  So the WM committee was approached to see if they were interested in hosting and equipping an event.  The WM Club is a very active one but as neither of the their two pieces of home water are suitable for a multifleet IOM event, they have not been hosting events on the State calendar.  After some discussion the club happily accepted the challenge to host the event at Regatta Lake, Coomera.

The City of Gold Coast has confirmed that the weekend 27th and 28th February is clear and the Southport Yacht Club has agreed to provide the necessary letter of support for us to be there with them.   All this fell into place with one day to go before the 6 week limit the ARYA has for the approval of Ranking Events.  Whew.  The youtube clip is of IOM Racing at that venue.

To add to the interest, the host club requested that the event use the Simple Heat Scoring System rather than the Heat Management System normally used, wanting to give it a trial.  Reality is that for a single fleet event, neither matters but for multi-fleet events it is different.  Each system has strengths and weaknesses and it will be interesting to give this a go in Queensland.

LakeClipMapFor the majority of us who only look at the Notice of Race to check the dates, entry fee and how to pay, it's worth pointing out that the event will not be catered for.  In a joint Association/Club agreement, no eskys with drinks will be used as part of a COVID-19 Safe Plan.  If you forget, the Yacht Club does have a cafe open Saturday morning but maybe not Sunday.

If you are reading this and are not an IOM sailor, please consider volunteering some of your time to make this event successful.  Contact details are on the Notice of Race.  The club will be calling for help so you pick up the phone, send an email, offer your services and get a front row seat to some exciting RC yachting.  Or, you could sharpen the mower blades, reindex your CD collection in year order or tidy your sock draw?

For IOM Sailors, it's the first Ranking event of the year, the first round of the Queensland IOM GP Series and the first event for 2021.  In this new world where we have to check the news each morning to find out if we can leave home that day, go racing while you can.  Support the WM Club in their appearance on the state calendar and rolling out their awesome trailer to make it happen!

Entries are open HERE.

So whether you are sailing or helping out, see you on the 27th February!

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