Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Are You Affiliated?

JamesCook25 March 2021

Sometimes here on the dizzy heights of the 9th floor of QRYA Headquarters we get requests from clubs hosting events to check the list of entrants to see if they are all affiliated.  Well, this association has invested heavily to ensure that event organisers can do that themselves.

Some years ago, a simple, foolproof solution was devised that needs no internet connection and can be used anywhere, any time to verify that an entrant is covered by the Public Liability Insurance provided by his/her membership of an affiliated club.  It is called a QRYA Membership card.

Now this piece of plastic is issued every year to every person affiliated in Queensland.  It can be stored in your wallet or with your boat registration document.  You can take a picture and store it on your phone too, but the bottom line is that there is no excuse for a sailor entering an event not to be able to prove that they have insurance cover.

For those who may be in the "too kool for skool" class on this and you think that everyone knows who you are, I can tell you that well known sailors have entered Championship events while not being a member of any club for several years.  People like this compete in multiple QRYA events and at their club and not one person bothered to check (except us snoops).  One of them finished near the pointy end of a Championship.  Not sure about you, but I expect most sailors would think this is not good enough and regatta organisers are exposed to risk they thought they were covered for.  It is the responsibility of each Race Committee to check, not the QRYA.JamesCook life

This coming year the cards will be produced and distributed as soon as each club completes the annual renewals, beginning early April.  This year they have a scale on the bottom edge for those who want to measure their boat tune and have lost their really hard to read stainless rulers, or left it on the bench.  The rest who don't measure can just continue to say "I set it up the same way but it's just not the same today".

This year also, we have produced 'Life Fellow' (Life Membership) cards for each of those holding that honour.  These cards have no end date as the award does not and each will have received one by the time this is published.  The Honour Board on the website lists the recipients.

Thank you to Ian Lobley for the card design, Life Fellow card concept and production to come, and to Ian Smith of the Brisbane Club for the ruler idea.  We thought the ruler was rubbish a few years ago (probably just because it was not our idea) but finally thought it had merit and here it is.

So when you get your card from your club secretary, store it safely, take a phone photo in case you lose it and be prepared to produce it to prove your affiliation.  It will work anywhere in Australia.  If you don't renew your club membership on time you will not get one on time.  For regatta organisers, ask entrants for proof of affiliation at the registration desk and you too are covered.

Ron Fawcett



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