Friday, January 28, 2022
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Membership to crack 400 in 2022!

Membership Last Three Years1 June 2021

As of today all eighteen clubs in Queensland have renewed their membership with the QRYA. 

Thank you to the Secretaries for their efforts that most likely required the Treasurer's tin to be rattled to get their own members to first rejoin the club itself.

Just last year things were very different with hardly any sailing happening early to mid-year due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  People who were not sailing and had no idea when they were going to, kept their membership money in their pockets for a little longer.  But with the epidemic in some kind of control, particularly here in Queensland, some normality has returned and new members have joined many of our clubs.  The combination means that for the 1 June date, we have a record number of affiliated members, 356.

The pattern normally (except for COVID Year) has been for about another 20% either returning or joining for the first time during the year.  So for the coming 2021-22 year, starting at the record 356 and assuming the same pattern continues, we can expect 400+ members by May 31 2022.

Thank you all the club committees for their efforts to get this annual process finalised.  Radio Sailing is clearly booming here in Queensland. 

BTW, Ian Lobley has told me that all QRYA cards have been printed and distributed, so if you have not got yours ask your Secretary about it.


Ron Fawcett




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