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Big wind-shifts at QRYA AGM

8 June 2021

The QRYA Annual General Meeting (AGM) started 1:30 p.m. Sunday 6th June, but that was the only thing that was normal about this particular meeting.

For a start, the number of nominations was a record according to the elders.  Eight people nominated for six positions.  Four positions were contested, two people nominated for two positions ... whew, stay with me.

Not sure what caused this unprecedented level of interest.  Whatever it was, it was a refreshing change to what happened five or six years ago where Dayle Smith and Ian Smith found themselves pretty lonely on the committee, searching for help from the radio sailing community.  Competition for positions is a welcome luxury few non-profits ever see.

Outgoing Events Coordinator and Life Member Ian Ashe took the Returns Officer position for the Election of Officers after the committee stood down.  He faced a new complication as delegates and proxies had varying numbers of votes in their pocket, so for each hand that went up, a different number of votes came with it.

The process started with election of the President.  It was always going to be close according to the pundits, and it was.  The previous President, Trent Jarratt, was elected 9 - 8 and the Returns Officer recorded the result and congratulated Trent.  In the vote one delegate abstained, making an odd number total, but even if the vote had been 9 - 9, the Returns Officer has a casting vote and traditionally they lean towards any incumbent.

Next in line was the Vice President’s position.  As a show of hands was requested for the first nominee, he withdrew leaving Adrian Banwell from PRYC to be congratulated and added to the list.  So far so good.

The Treasurer's job came next with a repeat of the previous one.  One of the nominees handed the Returns Officer a Letter of Withdrawal, leaving Ian Lobley the job once again. 

There was only one nominee for Secretary and of course this was expected to be an easy one.  The previous Secretary told me a week ago the he had already started preparations to hand stuff over to the new guy.  However, the nominee withdrew.  Ian Ashe called for nominations from the floor, but I was told by a delegate that only the sound of crickets could be heard in the background.

And so it continued.  Adrian Banwell was one of the two nominated for State Measure - again, the withdrawal of the other nomination left him unexpectedly with both jobs when he only wanted and hoped for one.  Only one person nominated for Events Coordinator, one of the most important jobs on the committee.  The previous committee were pretty happy that someone had stepped up for this one as well, but he too withdrew.  More crickets were heard when Ian tried to get someone to nominate from the floor.

In summary, that left three people in four positions.  The previous President and Treasurer were returned for what has no doubt been their stellar service, and new appointee Adrian Banwell in the Vice President and Measurer roles.

This outcome was a real disappointment for Radio Sailing in Queensland.  It is good that experienced people are there, but the vacancies do not help anyone.  The committee had gone from enjoying the new level of interest in serving the nineteen member clubs to being unprepared for the loss of horsepower.  I was told by one of the committee members that no one put any work into looking for another secretary after the first nomination.  Of course the vacant positions will be filled somehow, but for now the new committee has been left with extra work to do.

So this is a call to the Queensland Radio Sailing Community for just a few people to step up.  There are people reading this with the skills and the time, and you should contact Trent Jarratt This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to volunteer them.  He needs a Secretary and an Events Coordinator.  In the meantime I heard a rumour that one of those elected will have to take on the 'Acting Secretary' mantle to keep the wheels turning.

Surely in the 356+ members there are two capable and committed people who are sorely needed to join and assist the QRYA committee to continue to grow the sport here in Queensland.

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