Friday, January 28, 2022
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Russell's Variety Bash Fund Raiser

Children do not have a choice of their physical health by birth or by unfortunate medical episodes early in their life. In reality, children are born in the ”lottery of life”. Some are big winners some are big losers -they have no choice.

One of our illustrious radio sailors, Russell Gray (aka 99/86), has entered the 2022 Varity Bash.

What is the Variety Bash you may well ask?

The Variety Bash is a fund-raising event for the children’s charity, Variety.     The Variety charity helps disabled kids have a better life. Russell has been supporting Variety for over 10 years. He has checked that the funds raised are used responsibly.

The Bash, is about 30 year old (plus) cars driving through the outback, followed by a team of mechanics and tow trucks. The route that the cars travel is mainly on dirt roads, visiting outback schools. There are about 100 cars and the cars are “themed” to give the kids a bit of a laugh. There is Shrek, Con the Fruiterer, Aussie Rock, Scooby Doo, etc. The cars are decorated and equipped with relevant sound devices, and some of the drivers wear costumes. The cars assemble on the local oval and kids are awestruck at the jaw dropping sight of all these cars.

Russell’s car is an iconic 1975 HJ One Tonner (308 V8 with Turb 400 for those that know about old cars) and he (and co-driver Rob) has built Bluey’s House on the tray (check the pics) – the theme is Bluey.(car 1955)

The 2022 Bash (note that the 2021 Bash has been postponed for 12 months) starts at Winton and travels via Birdsville (for the races) and finishes in Yeppoon. The cars visit about 10 outback schools, some of which have less than 100 students.

Each car is responsible for raising funds (minimum $8.5k) and we are calling on the Radio Sailing Community to donate to Russell’s Bluey car 1955. Russell’s target is $50k and so far, he (and co-driver Rob) has raised over $30k. You can help reach that target by donating at the following link:

Blueys Variety 2

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