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2021 Queensland IOM Championships


2021 IOM QUEENSLAND CHAMPIONSHIP, 13 & 14 November 2021.

Hosted by Paradise Radio Yacht Club and organised by one of the Southern Hemisphere’s (at least) most efficient and experienced PRO’s , this event was always going to be a success. And so it was – the weather was perfect throughout the 2 days , albeit that the fickle Westerly, some times Nor’westerly, came and went and danced about regularly. During the 36 heats over the 2 days only one heat was called off temporarily due to NO wind. For the rest, occasional gusts of upto 20kts knocked at any one time half the fleet down and skippers in my opinion handled those very difficult conditions extremely well, to the extent that I don’t recall one collision occurring due to uncontrollable nose dives with A rig on day 2. On Saturday B rigs were virtually universal and essential for most of the heats. Sunday started very sensibly so A rigs prevailed, with only 2 boats moving to B as the gusts became more frequent later in the day.

Having said all that, by way of background it was a real pleasure for all the RMT to be involved, watching displays of sailing skills of a very high standard throughout the 2 days. Competition was intense and skills shown by the skippers in handling the sometimes very challenging conditions were exceptional. The windward mark roundings by and large showed a high degree of skill and only on a couple of occasions were port tackers in trouble due to choppy conditions, unanticipated gusts and reflection in the later afternoon.

At the top end of A fleet the challenges between Greg Torpy (25, V11), Aaron Farrar (34, BritPop), Doug Allen (72, V11), Andrew Wilson (187, V11) were ever present and unpredictable in many heats as to placings, with many other skippers down the list enjoying some very competitive finishes due to skill in picking the right side of the course and the gate. 25 and 34 each claimed first on 5 occasions over the 18 races, with 187 and 72 enjoying 3 first places and 7 seconds between them.

In all the skills shown throughout the 2 fleets were exceptional and it was evident, despite a couple of tenser moments, that the skippers all enjoyed and took up the challenges of the event with enthusiasm and competence, which is a great credit to the competitors and the sport of radio sailing at this very high level.

Something worth mentioning is the humour and good spirit evident throughout the 2 days, the crew of volunteers from ROs, observers, scorers through to finishers were all clearly enjoying the event and speaking personally it was very encouraging for volunteers to hear the comments of competitors in expressing their appreciation for the manner in which the event was managed. Thank you to all the volunteers for their selfless and enthusiastic contribution to the event and congratulations to the boat crew & course setter John Musgrave and Ray Richardson for a difficult job well done.

A special vote of thanks to David Black and Julian O’Brien for a flawless scoring function, despite the usual occasional software gliches; also to Bill Clancy for organisation pre and post, procuration of poo factory etc and not to mention provision of facetious comments throughout.

RO Tony Fannin excelled, clearly enjoying the responsibility and handling the job “with aplomb”. The few protests that arose were controversy free; focussing mainly on redress issues, the Protest committees handled things well and we thank the participants comprising the panels for their contributions to the event.

As I said – great day(s); thank you to all the 28 competitors for the spirit and sportsmanship displayed and congratulations to the winners:

Open Division - Aaron Farrar, First

                           Greg Torpy, Second

                           Andrew Wilson, Third on countback over Doug Allen, both with                        67 points;

Masters Division – Peter Kampe, First

                                 Russell Gray (in the red shirt), Second

                                 Peter Burford, Third

And to all the other winners, all the remaining 22 entrants.

There wouldn’t be any event like this without all the entrants, many of whom travelled a long way to attend. Congratulations & thankyou.

So on behalf of PRYC and QRYA, Thank you all.      

Adrian Banwell           

   Link to videos of the event compliments of Ian Lobley:   




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