Monday, August 08, 2022
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Queensland 10 Rater Championships November 21st 2021

Queensland 10 Rater Championships   Congratulations go to Greg Torpy winning the 10R Qld Title for 2021 with John Gower in Second place and Geoff Morris in Third place. 


The 2021 ten tater state titles were held on Sunday the 21st November Hosted by Paradise Radio Yacht Club. The day was forecast to be light wind from the north with the odd drop of rain but thankfully we only had a few spits early.

By the 10.00am start time arrived the breeze had increased to 3-5 knots which is enough to get the tens moving with 16 entries it was decided to sail two fleets Torpy and Fisher both won there seeding race from there on the breeze stayed light and was moving quite a lot but with the worlds best boat crew the course changes were quickly made until the breeze died and lunch was called.

Lucky it did come back and settled in for the afternoon. The day ended with Greg Torpy winning with John Gower and Geoff Morris behind him.

The tens are strong in Qld these days with quite a few new boats launched this year. With their length and sail area they really are lovely to sail.

A big thank to Michael Cosgriff for doing the RO. Worth mentioning is the humour and good spirit evident throughout the day and I think everybody enjoyed themselves. Plus a big thank-you to the crew of volunteers

There wouldn’t be any event like this without all the entrants; many of whom travelled a long way to attend. Congratulations & thank-you.

As QLD class coordinator I’m looking forward to next year with hopefully more events.

John gower



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