Monday, August 08, 2022
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Ten Rater Kimberley Classic GP2 9th April 2022

On Saturday 9th April the 2022 QLD Ten Rater Kimberley Classic was held at Lake Kimberley. It was hosted by Twin Towns Radio Yacht Club. Mother Nature wasn’t very kind on the day, but that was beyond our control. The winds were quite gusty at times, and showers hung around all day. Eleven boats contested the event. The day finished with seven boats and four retiring with gear trouble. The winners on the day were….

1st. Greg Torpy. 13pts

2nd. Frank Russell. 29pts.

3rd. Geoffrey Morris. 35pts.

A big thanks to Lindsay Walker for setting up the course, also Race Officer Peter Burford and Anne Walker for scoring the event.

Thanks to all the competitors and volunteers for making the day a great success.

Hope to see you all next year.

It wasn’t the best day to take photos, but I managed to get a few. Hopefully they’re ok.

– Diane Bone

10r 12

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