Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Calendar Update - 18th Aug

The Events Calendar for 2018 was released by the Events Coordinator yesterday.  The contents have been loaded into the interactive calendar on the QRYA website and a PDF version linked.

The calendar can be accessed in the following ways.

  1. Quick reference - Home page bottom RHS shows a small version.
  2. Details - Home page  'Event Calendar' menu (top of part of screen) shows a larger version for details.
  3. PDF version - Home page 'QLD Events Calendar' link in 'Important Documents' section LHS of screen.

A useful feature of the large display in the details view is the 'Agenda' tab (top RH of calendar) which lists events in chronological order if needed.  In time links will be found there to information about the event including location.  All views can be printed out.  Clubs who use Google Calendar can link events to their website calendars as can individuals.

As new versions of the calendar are released over the next few months, the website will be updated immediately.  We hope you find this useful for your planning your sailing. 

Regards Ron Fawcett

QRYA Secretary

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