Friday, July 30, 2021
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Eight Queenslanders heading to WA for 2020 DF Nationals

Austin LakesThe first DF95 & DF65 Nationals will be held in Western Australia's Austin Lakes venue.  Eight sailors from Queensland have entered are preparing to make the journey.  At the time of posting this there are 30 DF95 entrants and 22 for the DF65, a remarkable outcome for an event on the other side of the country. 

Two skippers entered the Nationals in both classes (Will Charlton and Graham Cowling) and this is reflected in the decision to have the National Championships at the same time and venue, now and possibly in the future.

Of the eight, four are from the Moreton Radio Yacht Squadron (MRYS) based at Newport on the Recliffe Peninsular.  This is a great result for the club and in particular Garry Russell who for several years continued to sail his DF95 each week, often with only one other boat to race against.  His conviction that the class had a future in Queensland and the country has clearly paid off with regular fleets in the double figures at Newport providing great competition for all.  Moreton Sunday morning launching time seen to the right.

 The 95 continued to spread far and wide for several good reasons. While still the President of the QRYA Col Cameron saw the opportunity to stimulate Radio Sailing in North Queensland with this more affordable class, and that has come to pass. Col is based in Townsville and is the current DF95 Class Coordinator and was instrumental to the DF95 State Championships being held in Townsville in 2019.  From Townsville, interest in the class spread to the Whitsunday club based at Airley Beach a couple of hours to the south and similarly a few appeared at Mackay.  Now, Col will be representing his Townsville club and the State on the other side of the country.

Adding to the momentum was interest from existing DF65 skippers from clubs south of the Brisbane River.  Frank Arrowsmith championed the 95's at PRYC, a fleet appeared at Springfield Lakes (SLMM) and a few at Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Center (LSWSC).  The low cost of a new boat, combined with transferable skills from a 65 to a 95 has driven this.  It's easy to sail both classes.


The Queenslanders who have entered the Nationals are; 

  • David Brunsdon (MRYS)
  • Col Cameron (TMMC)
  • Will Charlton (PRYC)
  • Noel Christison (MRYS)
  • Graham Cowling (PRYC)
  • Paul Singleton (MRYS)
  • Gordon Wills (MRYS)
  • Grant Lihou (SLMM)

All the best guys, we will be studying the Live Results, no pressure!

Link Here to the Event Entry site.

DF65 entries

DF95 entries



Thank you Radio Sailors

Red Cross Dear Ian,

From everyone here at Australian Red Cross, a huge thank you for your generous donation today.

You are supporting our Disaster Relief and Recovery work. This will help us assist families and communities to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies.

What's more, we stay long after the emergency is over, working with communities to help rebuild their lives.

Red Cross Logo


Ian Lobley Queensland Radio Yachting Association
100 Banksia Cct, 

Date of donation: 4 Feb 2020
Donation amount: $1,580.00, Disaster Relief and Recovery
Receipt reference number: D100098142 

Donations of $2 and over may be tax-deductible
Yours sincerely,
Judy Slatyer
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Red Cross

RC Laser Invitation 2020 Flying Start

LaserStart2020The R/C Laser Invitation Event got the 2020 QRYA competitions off to a flying start.

Whilst eleven skippers registered for the event, ten skippers turned up bright and early for what was to be an excellent day of sailing.

Competition started at 9:15 am and was to continue to 4:00 pm but racing was concluded around 3:30 after 16 races had been completed. Skippers were enjoying their sailing, but the full day of competition sailing was certainly draining.

The breeze had a little E S/E initially but soon turned around to a predominately E N/E with some skippers choosing to change to “B” rigs as the breeze freshened.Laserthree2020

Whilst the first few place getters showed a clean pair of heals, the scoring for the rest of the field was relatively close. Congratulations to Garry Russell, Geoffrey Morris, and David Page who were those first three place getters.

Ian Ashe was the PRO for the day and certainly kept the competition moving whilst David Black provided the scoring system. Alan, Andy, Bruce, Greg, Les, Noel from the LSWSA Club volunteered to provide assistance in hosting the event. A big thank you goes out to all those who assisted with the event.

Bob Worton

R/C Yacht Coordinator


Results here



$1,500 from Bushfire Regatta

firevictims$1500 to people who really need it.  Thank you Radio Sailors.

The Bushfire Regatta has been completed.  Forty-six entrants made a huge virtual event.  Thank you to all the entrants, your entry fees will add to the donations of the Nation and beyond.

Credit goes to Ian Lobley for this result.  After sailing one day he suggested the QRYA do something to help the victims of this tragedy.  From that discussion this virtual regatta emerged, using the existing systems on the association website.

Donations came from wide section of our community.  Larry Watson, a Plan B skipper from the USA entered and donated, thanks mate.

But this was a regatta!  So we have to have a winner and two place getters.  Drum roll ... the places are!

  1. The Queensland Radio Controlled Multihull Owners Association (for committing as a group, amazing generosity)
  2. Warwick Wood, TNT skipper Sail  #128 (he knows why)
  3. Larry Watson, Plan B skipper USA #31 (because we really appreciated it).

And to the other 43 entrants some of whom donated more than the entry fee on the NOR, thank you so much.

The QRYA committee will commit the funds at the next meeting 31st January and we will confirm the donation with you all after then.

Thank you.


Open Water Sailing Trial a Success

WMBoats1Saturday 25th January the Wynnum Manly club ran a trial open water session of the end of the Wynnum Pier.  Seven skippers ventured out for the day, keen to see what Moreton Bay was like in a 15 to 20 knot north-easter.  The pier itself is more of a breakwater with sloping sides and a 'T' section on the end with permanent seating and shelter.  Stairs on all sides provide easy launching and a guarenteed lee-side in any weather.  This also means that a fair course can be set in any wind direction.WMStart

The moderate to fresh breeze sent a small swell that had sailors opting for new unused settings to get the boats driving up the swells and accelarating off the top.  More than a few small tweaks were made as we learned the new world of sailing in waves that size in Queensland.  Added to the novelty was the occassional brief disappearance of the boat hull as it sailed behind a set. 

Downwind, there was frequent surfing to add yet more novelty to the experience for most of us anyway.  The northerly had been blowing for several days and this did collect some weed around what was the bottom gate, so it was shifted to windard to reduce that.  Russell Gray generously supplied and manned the rescue boat and said that the conditions had him having flashbacks of the worlds in Brazil!



From discussions with the rest of the fleet, the experience was unanimously positive.  Local knowledge indicated that weed was absent in South Easters and reduced anyway in the winter.  The venue is tide dependant but can be used in anything but the very bottom of the tide so events would need to be scheduled to suit but that's not a problem.  Club Secretary Andrew Wilson said that they have identified weekends in the first half of this year to run an Open Water Series.  The Wynnum Manly Club only sails on alternate weekends so this new series will be scheduled to not clash with the established calendar.  The Club will welcome affiliated visitors.

The pier is 200m long so visitors need to factor that in.  A couple of different solutions appeared on the pier from 4-wheel trolleys to a fridge trolley with the sail box and boat on cradle strapped to it, worked well for me.  Spares in a backpack sat on the trolley too.  Anyway it was the only thing I could find in the shed the night before!  If there is a breeze on, then best not to take your camp chair, there is seating in the shade.

Probably the most exciting aspect of this trial is the opportunity for the Wynnum Manly Club to host events on the Queensland calendar.  Anyway the trial was very successful and the club management should be commended by the entire radio sailing community for going outside the box to develop another venue.   I look forward to the club scheduling events there this year, I know I will be there with bells on!

Ron Fawcett.

Photos and video: Ian Lobley

 Video here 


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