Monday, April 12, 2021
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DF95 Now ARYA Nationally Recognised Class

DF95Scene thumbAt the 2020 Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) Annual General Meeting, the Dragon Flite 95 Class was accepted as a Nationally Recognised Class (NRC).  This was of course no surprise as plans were made almost a year ago to hold the National Championships for both the DF95 and DF65 next month in Western Australia.  The DF95 class now has over thirty entries in that event.  Pretty impressive for a first event and on the western side of the country.  See the National Championship site here.DF95

The criteria requires a class to have been accepted as a State Recognised Class in at least three member states, and that State Championships have been held in those states.  The 95 easily passed that criteria.  Other there other requirements include the existance of managed class rules.

The new status of the class means that it is now organised and managed in the same way as the existing national classes.  For serious competitors it allows them to sail the boat at all levels from the local club all the way to national and international level. 

For those who have been sailing the boat for a year or so in Queensland, this announcement does not change your experience at the club next week as only a minority of members want to go on to compete at National level, however the option is now there.  The new classification stitches the boat and its owners into the international competitive yachting community.

The next event in Queensland has entries open, you can enter here.  Although Queensland is one of the States that has already held a State Championship, this next event in March will be the first one for the class as an NRC.  The event at Emerald Lakes will be the first to be included into the official Ranking list, and the first in the three Queensland Grand Prix (GP) Series for which a Queensland GP Championship Title is awarded.

The suppliers are linked here.  Registration details are supplied when you buy the boat.  The Australian DF Radio Sailing Association (ADFRSA) manages the class registration and class rules.

So if you want to get into Radio Sailing or are just attracted to adding another boat to your quiver, get into this class. 


Robb Successfully Defends Australian Ten Rater Title

10RnatsPresentations2Feb 18, 2020

Victoria's Kirwan Robb has successfully defended his title of Australian Ten Rater Class champion by winning the 2020 championship at Yarrawonga, VIC.

Lack of wind saw only two races sailed on day two of the championship both of which were won by Scott Condie (NSW) which was enough to reduce the Robb (pictured left) lead to just two points going into the final day. With an earlier start to racing on the final day winds remained light around 2-5 knots from ENE. WA's Glenn Dawson got off to a good start in race 11 with Condie close behind and Robb a further few places behind and it looked as though the championship lead was due for another change. 

Dawson continually extended his lead while Condie  battled with weed he had to endure Pictured (L-R): Owen Jarvis (Master), David Thomas (Grand Master),

Scott Condie (2nd), Kirwan Robb (1st), Steve Sedgmen (3rd)

until midway up the next upwind leg where he could reach the shore.

Robb who had made a quick stop to remove weed on the downwind leg pounced on the opportunity to pass Condie and by the end of the race had recovered to 3rd with Condie two places behind (and a further two on the scoreboard).

Races 12 though 14 saw Robb put the nail in the coffin and an end to the Condie charge scoring 1,1,2 and with Condie scoring a 7th in race 15 the fat lady was singing.

The breeze shifted to a WNW direction it came in with a bit of punch and saw the fleet change down to B rigs (and some C's) and the final two races saw the strongest winds of the championship. Although Condie managed the conditions better than Robb finishing with a win in the final race, it was all a little too late and at the end of the day it was Kirwan Robb  who claimed back to back championship wins.10Rnatswinner

Racing throughout the championship was tight at the top with both Steve Sedgmen (NSW) and Andrew Reid (VIC) remaining in touch with the leaders until the final day with Sedgmen claiming 3rd overall ahead of Reid finishing 4th, Glenn Dawson (WA) 5th and Greg Torpy (QLD) 6th.

The Master's category was hotly contested with Owen Jarvis (NSW) winner while the Grand Master was awarded to David 'Yoda' Thomas.

10Rnatsmiddleton2At the ARYA AGM, ARYA President Andrew Reid was awarded the George Middleton Trophy in recognition of his commitment to radio sailing and the primary organisor of the 2020 Australian Championships for the International Ten Rater & International Marblehead classes.

Results Linked here





Ten Rater Nationals Day 1

10rDay1Feb 16, 2020

Day one of the 2020 International Ten Rater Australian Championship saw multiple lead changes in the light and shifty breeze at Yarrawonga.

Arriving at the Yarrawonga Yacht Club the fleet faced a NNE breeze blowing around 5-10 knots with gusts of a little more which saw some decision making as far as rig choice but after the first seeding races the A rig was adopted by all.

Scott Condie (NSW) & Simon Ellis (WA) got off to a good start with a win in their respective seeding races but after race but after race two Andrew Reid (VIC) had nudged ahead with a 2,1 but with the weed making a presence the lead was short lived adding a couple of 12th's to his score card. 

Steve Sedgmen (NSW) was next in line to claim the lead after race 4 only for Condie to take the lead once more after race 5. 

The breeze continued to weaken and oscillate through NNW/NNE creating challenges for the race committee and after some short delays with course resetting the racing continued.

Race 6 saw Kirwan Robb grab his first race win and he continued his form in the lights airs winning races 7 & 8 and has taken the overnight lead at the end of day one.

Racing continues tomorrow.

Link to ARYA Results


Entries Open for the Eddie Cowell Perpetual

ECFlyerPage1Entries are now open for the Eddie Cowell Perpetual Regatta for 2020!

The Eddie Cowell Trophy is an icon in the Australian radio sailing community. 

Following the successful use of Regatta Lake at Oxenford for the 2019 National Championships, the QRYA committee has decided to run the Eddie Cowell event at the same venue.  It has excellent facilities and no home water advantage to anyone.

This is major event has been timed to provide a warm-up to the IOM Australian Championships scheduled exactly a month later.  Even before opening of entries the event has already attracted international enquiries.RegattaWatersLake

The experience gained in hosting events at the very top level of Australian Radio Sailing will be reapplied to the venue by the same organising committee.

Queensland sailors and any visitors will no doubt take the opportunity to hone their skills in multi-fleet conditions and top level competition. Queensland in the winter, beautiful one day, perfect the next.

You know that you cannot stay home and watch your mates have all the fun at this one!

Entries are now open, Click Here to Enter



Eight Queenslanders heading to WA for 2020 DF Nationals

Austin LakesThe first DF95 & DF65 Nationals will be held in Western Australia's Austin Lakes venue.  Eight sailors from Queensland have entered are preparing to make the journey.  At the time of posting this there are 30 DF95 entrants and 22 for the DF65, a remarkable outcome for an event on the other side of the country. 

Two skippers entered the Nationals in both classes (Will Charlton and Graham Cowling) and this is reflected in the decision to have the National Championships at the same time and venue, now and possibly in the future.

Of the eight, four are from the Moreton Radio Yacht Squadron (MRYS) based at Newport on the Recliffe Peninsular.  This is a great result for the club and in particular Garry Russell who for several years continued to sail his DF95 each week, often with only one other boat to race against.  His conviction that the class had a future in Queensland and the country has clearly paid off with regular fleets in the double figures at Newport providing great competition for all.  Moreton Sunday morning launching time seen to the right.

 The 95 continued to spread far and wide for several good reasons. While still the President of the QRYA Col Cameron saw the opportunity to stimulate Radio Sailing in North Queensland with this more affordable class, and that has come to pass. Col is based in Townsville and is the current DF95 Class Coordinator and was instrumental to the DF95 State Championships being held in Townsville in 2019.  From Townsville, interest in the class spread to the Whitsunday club based at Airley Beach a couple of hours to the south and similarly a few appeared at Mackay.  Now, Col will be representing his Townsville club and the State on the other side of the country.

Adding to the momentum was interest from existing DF65 skippers from clubs south of the Brisbane River.  Frank Arrowsmith championed the 95's at PRYC, a fleet appeared at Springfield Lakes (SLMM) and a few at Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Center (LSWSC).  The low cost of a new boat, combined with transferable skills from a 65 to a 95 has driven this.  It's easy to sail both classes.


The Queenslanders who have entered the Nationals are; 

  • David Brunsdon (MRYS)
  • Col Cameron (TMMC)
  • Will Charlton (PRYC)
  • Noel Christison (MRYS)
  • Graham Cowling (PRYC)
  • Paul Singleton (MRYS)
  • Gordon Wills (MRYS)
  • Grant Lihou (SLMM)

All the best guys, we will be studying the Live Results, no pressure!

Link Here to the Event Entry site.

DF65 entries

DF95 entries



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