Monday, April 12, 2021
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End of Year President's Mesage

A Christmas Message from the President QRYA

On behalf of the QRYA Committee and myself, I would like to wish all Club members and their families, a happy and safe festive period, and a prosperous New Year. 

This year has been, to say the least, a year full of challenges and obstacles for our sport. Our sailing activities around the State have been severely curtailed as a result of the Covid 19 virus. Despite these difficulties we have been able to complete State and Regional Championships in all recognised classes with the exception of the A Class. Our membership can have confidence moving forward into 2021 that we are in a strong position financially and administratively. Our finances are healthy, and our Committee is developing strategies to deal with ongoing Government restrictions and encouraging increased participation in all classes supported by us.

I have included a copy of our Report to the ARYA for this year which gives a concise summary of the milestones achieved by our Association.

Annual Report to the ARYA AGM

Period from January to December 2020 Summary of Activities

  1. Supported State Championship & Regional events for the following classes;

    • ○  Marblehead

    • ○  10R

    • ○  IOM

    • ○  DF65

    • ○  DF95

    • ○  RC Laser

  2. Created a State Classes Coordinator position on the QRYA Committee

  3. Admitted a new club (Raby Bay Yacht Club) to the association

  4. Sponsored all State Championship trophies

  5. Sponsored all GP Series trophies

  6. Supported the Masters Level for State championships.

  7. Implemented Grand Prix Series for all classes that sailed at least two events

  8. Updated the registers of Race Officers, Scorers and Measurers to encourage increasing skills in clubs

  9. Online Membership renewals were used for the third year

  10. Online New Member Register has been used for all registrations

  11. Developed and implemented a COVID-19 policy

  12. The events calendar has been consolidated to the website version

  13. Held eight committee meetings

  14. Produced and distributed plastic and digital Membership Cards for the 340 members

  15. Initiated a review of the State Constitution

  16. Updated the website functionality, software and licenses

  17. Continued to populate a YouTube Channel integrated to the website to provide timely videos of regattas. Viewing statistics are:

○ Over the period of 1 January to 13 December 2020,


  • 8070 hours of viewing

  • 50 Countries

  • 25% Aust, 11% USA, 8% UK, 6% Germany, 5.8% NZ.

  • 434 Subscribers

  • Age Group - 65+ 59%, 55-64 30%, 45-54 8%

  • Gender - Male 97.4%, Female 2.6%

18. Rescheduled the return of the Eddie Cowell Perpetual Trophy for August 2021

Supporting Comments

All State Championships were sailed as non-ranking events for all recognised classes except the A Class. Some classes were able to sail the minimum of two races required by the GP Series despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

The YouTube channel produced by Ian Lobley continues to attract a very large audience. The over 2,000 hours of viewing time in Australia shows the level of interest and the international exposure projects a great image to the rest of the world.

The committee campaign to reduce regatta entry fees has had some success. One club has reduced entry fees to zero, some others reduced them for some events while most others have retained or increased their traditional charges.

Following a year of limited sailing the calendar has been reviewed to ensure that it is providing the event quantity and quality required by members. From that a decision was made to add one ranking event to the IOM programme to fill a gap early in the year, bringing the number up to the maximum of five.

The Marblehead and Ten Rater fleets have seen a marked increase in entrants this last year most likely due to the activities of the Class Coordinators and Trevor Fisher’s efforts in particular. Discussions are ongoing about how to capitalise on this trend and grow those fleets further next year.

One action resulting from these efforts has been the conversion of The Publicity Officer position on the State Committee into a State Classes Coordinator position to provide increased direct class involvement in QRYA decision making. The aim is to tailor the sailing program to suit the needs of each class, so further changes may be made to the existing events calendar if required. The publicity is already being addressed by a combination of the website and YouTube Channel.

The A Class fleet has been struggling for numbers at championships in Queensland for several years and no club sails them regularly. The State Championship in September 2020 did not proceed due to lack of entrants. We are working with the class coordinator and one club in particular in an attempt to address this situation.

The committee has started a review of the QRYA Constitution with plans to better define the relationship between the individual sailors and the State Association and to update terminology. The current plan is to complete the changes by June 2021.

In the coming year we hope to implement the introduction of our new system of allocating events to the Classes, which was our aim this year until the dreaded virus arrived. We will have 7 Classes of RC Yachts supported by our Association where we intend to hold a minimum of 3 Regattas per class. They will take the form of a State Championship and 2 Regional Championships. These events will be the basis for awarding a Grand Prix Champion and a Masters Grand Prix Champion for each Class for the year. This we hope will become a prestigious recognition for the best Competitor for the year across all 3 events. We have developed an honour role in our Website to recognise our Grand Prix Champions.

We intend to work with the Class Coordinators and Clubs to encourage regular club racing for the traditional classes. We will be working with the Class Coordinators and the Classes themselves to continue to increase the participation of competitors at the scheduled 3 events.

It is our intention to assist our member clubs to train Race Officers and Scorers from within their own ranks. The training courses currently exist and links can be found on the QRYA Website. Our Committee is available to anybody who requires advice or assistance in this area. The future of our sport is dependant on the ability of Clubs to provide members to officiate our regattas.

It is my firm hope that the trials and tribulations of 2020 are now behind us and we can settle into a new year where RC sailing will continue to develop into the thriving sport that we all enjoy.

All the Best for 2021

Geoffrey Morris

President QRYA



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