Eagleby moves into its next phase and encourages everyone to enjoy the great venue.




It's fantastic to hear about the progress of the Eagleby Radio Yacht Club and the upcoming completion of its third and final stage. The efforts put into maintaining the lake despite the varying levels of the lake are commendable, especially with the lake level now at its highest and freshly maintained after the holiday break.


Regarding the membership updates discussed in the last committee meeting, it's great to see a focus on making membership more accessible and flexible for potential members. Lowering the membership fees and introducing a 30-day membership option can attract more people to join and participate in the club's activities.


Just to recap:


The new 30-day associate club membership option costs $5.00 and grants access to all club social events for the membership duration.

The Non-voting membership fee for the year has been set at $40.00 (plus QRYA fee if applicable).

Also, it's helpful to note the regular sailing schedule for IOMs on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. Members can always check the ERYC website for any updates or changes to these dates. https://eagleby.radiosailing.club/index.php?page=events


For those considering joining, it's worth noting that membership purchased now will be valid until April 2025, providing ample time to enjoy all the benefits and activities the club offers.


These updates reflect the club's commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community around radio yacht sailing.


The invitation to join and sail with the Eagleby Radio Yacht Club is extended to all interested sailors. The club's dedication to making sailing accessible is evident in its offer to arrange a boat for those who may not have their own IOM. This inclusivity ensures that everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy of sailing and to witness the eagles soaring over the water.


It's a welcoming gesture that emphasises the community spirit of the club and its commitment to sharing the passion for radio yacht sailing with others. So whether you're a seasoned sailor or someone curious to try it out, the Eagleby Radio Yacht Club is ready to welcome you aboard for an exciting and enjoyable experience on the water.”





Andrew Wilson

M: 0412 208 708

E: archo73@hotmail.com