Class Coordinators

We have a fantastic team of people ready to help you. Feel free to reach out to us!

Class Coordinator Phone Email
Marblehead Class John Gower 0403 825 561
Ten Rater John Gower 0403 825 561
RC Laser John Halloran 0499 243 688
DF65 Don Horton 0439 829 521
DF95 Frank Arrowsmith 0403267917
A Class Frank Russell 0417 456 929
State Class Coordinator      

The State Class Coordinator  is responsible for nominating coordinators for the following year at the time of each QRYA AGM, or if a vacancy occurs.

What will they do?

Role Description:

  • Represent the interests of the class.
  • Assist the Event Coordinator to secure venues & set the Annual Events Calendar if needed.
  • Resolve class specific Issues.
  • Manage the results of regattas re informing the QRYA  Events Co-ordinator and Secretary.

For Clubs
Clubs are the event organisors and produce the Notice of Race (NOR) for the event.  If the club needs to discuss class specific issues they can contact the Class Coordinator.  This may be useful where the host club does not sail that class. 

For Classes
Sailors in each class now have a QLD coordinator to refer issues or questions to. The class has the ability to choose its coordinator for approval by the QRYA.

For the QRYA
The QRYA will have a person to contact in Queensland for class specific issues.  They will have assurance that the regatta details described on the NOR will suite the class concerned.  They will also assist the QRYA Events Coordinator to ensure that the Annual Events Calendar is completed and suits the needs of the class.

In Closing
Thank you to those sailors who have stepped up to fill these positions for the good of their class and the sport of Radio Sailing.  The QRYA encourages all members to contact the Class Coordinators and make use of their representation where needed.